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No one ever interviews the bass player. So we at KYS figured that Garth from Melbourne’s own Behind Crimson Eyes – being the insanely good human that he is – deserved a few minutes in the spotlight. Here’s what he had to say…

Name, what you do in Behind Crimson Eyes and your favourite character from “Entourage” and why. 

I play bass. It would come down to Arie Gold or Johnny Drama but i’m going to go with Arie. Such a sweet dude, cracks me everytime. No patience, rude, scarcastic, grumpy, no shame, hahahahahaha probably the funniest thing i’ve ever scene on tv ha.

Tell us how a laid back kid from Brisbane ended up playing in one of Australia’s biggest up and coming bands…

Well i don’t know about laid back my friend. I am known in our band as grumpy garth or old man and i have the tendency to worry more than your mother and stress about everything there is to stress about ha but i guess i do come of pretty chill. I’m not sure really how it happenned. I guess i knew Josh pretty good and not long after Baz left, i was on the phone to him when i was on tour with amity and he said that him and the rest of bce wanted me to come and play with them. It was easily the hardest decision of my life and was a real eye opener to say the least. I spent so long waying up pros and cons and in the end i had to do it. I needed a change and this was almost perfect for me. I must be honest, it couldn’t of happenned as a worse time but it did and i’m glad i made the move.

What was the first show you ever played with BCE and were you intimidated/nervous in any way?

The first show i did was the weekend of come together festival @ spectrum in sydney and i was very intimidated and nervous. I had to fill the shoes of baz and thats very hard to do. It was really hard for me to adapt to such a different band, both musically and performance wise. I really think that i looked like a random hardcore / punk dude and a little out of place haha but thats ok ha. Come together was really good for both myself and the band and i’m glad that i played such a big show for one of my first shows with the band.

For those that aren’t in the know, you used to play in The Amity Affliction – was the change in style (musically) something that took some getting used to when you joined BCE?

Well i guess i’m just going into this more from the last question ha. It was definately something that took getting use to and i really feel that it is only just now that i’m truly finding my feet. I grew up playing with the same dudes for years so to leave that and perform with a completely different band is really harder than it may seem. I guess you have the pressure of everyone knowing that your the “new guy” as well as filling the shoes of someone who fitted in so well (baz). Musically, i think the transition couldn’t have worked any better than it did. I was soooooo amped to be writing such different music and its taught me so much about song writing. I could finally do more of what i always wanted to do as a bass player and it worked really well i think. I’ll never forget the writing process and playing all day everyday for months. It was awesome man.

Did the rest of the guys in BCE put you through any hazing? Any “lets show the new guy what it’s all about” situations that we should know about?

Definately not hey. I really can’t think of any time that something like that happenned.

You (unfortunately) share a house with Killyourstereo’s resident trash bag Jarule – care to share some gossip about what really goes on with that guy?

Hahahahaha i most certainly do but I love that dude so much that i really can’t even make something up about him so there is not much to say ha. He goes to work everyday, comes home, goes for a run, eats, plays bass, goes to practice and thats about it. I guess he smokes a heap of weed as well ha. Am i aloud to say that?

“A Revelation For Despair” (BCE’s debut full length) has been out for a few months now – are you happy how the record has been received (both personally and as a group) and is the reaction what you expected?

Definately stoked on the album. We had absolutely no idea what to expect. The band had worked really hard to get the support and following we now have, and that effected us in more ways than one. Good because there was a lot of hype around the album, but potentially bad because it sounded almost nothing like the band that everyone knew ha. Listening to the record, even on the day we finished it, there were parts that we heard back and were like – ooooooooooo that sucks, i wish we did “this” instead ha. But seriously, for our first album, we are all more than happy with how it came out. None of us could ever have imagined making that record so we are stoked. Needless to say the next album will be a million times better as well i can assure you. I am happy with my bass considering the time i had. I wish i had longer to spend on sounds etc but i am pretty happy with my playing on it.

Has there been a noticeable difference in regards to the crowds at your shows now that Roadrunner is backing you guys?

Umm, i think so. Its hard to say. Like, since releasing A Revelation For Despair, there has been a noticeable difference but its hard to know wether its our band progressing and people becomming genuely more interested? Or wether it is because we have had more support than we ever had? Am i confusing you yet? i think i just confused myself actually. Ok, yes i think Roadrunner have definatley helped but i’m more than confident that it was also from all our hard work that we do

You guys have just released a video for your new single “You’ve Had Your Chance” – tell a bit about the video, its theme, what goes into making a clip etc…

Well, there isn’t much to it i guess and im actually not into it that much to be honest with you ha. I was much happier with the shakedown video. But anyway. I guess all i can say is that it is completely different to the shakedown vid so make up your own mind. We wanted to show people a different side to our band. Everything to do with our album was very serious and confronting. We wanted people to know that we were still fun dudes hence why we did fun clip. Its hard to achieve what you really want when you really can’t afford to make one of those clips that blow your mind when you see it. You know like say AFI or Chrisina Aquelera (can’t spell her name ha) does etc. So yeah we went with a mafia type theme. We all watch The Sopranos and love it so there is a similar theme in the vid to the show. Its pretty cliche, nice cars, girls, and poker ha.

Any truth to the rumour that a particular member of BCE was collecting phone numbers from some of the “actresses” at the shoot?

Ha, now you know to much buddy! ha. Nah it wasn’t like that at all. There were numbers exchanged but it wasn’t any member of bce’s doing. One of us was asked by one of the girls acting for our phone number, thats all.

Since you guys made the jump to Roadrunner, there’s been a lot of talk about record sales etc… Considering the last 2 BCE releases sold a combined 20,000 copies through Boomtown, did you guys feel pressured in any way to match that?

Not at all man. The only peoples expectations we live up to are our own. We had no idea how it would sell. Yes, we were totally anxious to find out but at the end of the day, we just wanted as many people as possible to hear what we had created. Love it or hate it, thats cool.

What shows do you guys have coming up? Any tour plans in the works?

We have a heap of touring coming up. We just got back from New Zealand and now we are hitting up regional Australia along with some festivals and our single tour to finish up on. So from now until june we are playing flat out all accross the country. Not sure whats going down after that.

Considering how well you’re currently doing in Australia, have you guys given any thought to trying your luck overseas?

As mentioned, we just got back from New Zealand and it was really cool. Our album just came out a week ago so none of us were expecting anyone at all to even know who we were. There were a handful of kids singing along at each show which was great. We are trying to get the album released everywhere else ASAP so plans to tour will shortly follow that. We are super keen to go to as many places as possible but in good timing my friend. I don’t feel we have done everything that we can do in Australia yet, and that comes first. We woudln’t pass up any good opportunities though.

If you could tour with ANY 3 bands (past or present) who would they be and why?

Dont care to much man. I’m down for any good experience or exposure for our band. I would however really enjoy touring with Thrice though. There were sick dudes and are one of the most incredible bands out there but yeah not to fussed. We take every good opportunity we get if its in the best interest of our band.

If you were able to put together a super group of musicians (with you at the helm) who would it be:

Ha well this is so not realistic lol and I dont know all there names but here it is:

Vocals – Robert Smith

Guitar – Matthew Ian Fox

Guitar – Tom Morello or Johnny Cash

Bass – Me i guess.

Drums – Travis Barker

Keys – The dude who plays keys in ISIS

Who’s the best live band you’ve EVER seen (local or international)?

Hahahaha i change my mind all the time ha but i reckon it would probably be either Yellowcard, The Living End, or Thrice but like i said i change my mind everytime i see a sweet band ha. Seriously, you don’t need to look any further than a Mindsnare show. They blow my mind everytime without fail.

Who are some Australian bands kids should be checking out (if they aren’t already)?

Dude there are so many wicked australian bands – Horsell Common. Against. Mourning Tide. A Secret Death. Elora Danon. Psycroptic. The Getaway Plan. Chase Manhattan (the guitarist is super hot), Something For Kate, The Abandonment, Mindsnare, The Paper and the Plane, Amity Affliction, Karnivool, Hope Here Gone, to name a few. Theres heaps dude

What are your top 3 all time records?

Thats really hard for me to say but these came to mind:

Shai Hulud – That Within Blood Ill Tempered

Refused – The Shape of punk to come

Rancid – Lets go or Life wont wait

What’s your favourite road side/service station meal when on tour?

Easily Iced Coffee ha but i have to stop ha

Any parting words?

Thanks to anyone who supports our band. It means everything to us. much love.

Thanks for your time!

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