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    Panic Records February 2009 Update

    – Make Do And Mend make Panic Records their home
    – The Golden Age “Time & Distance” 7″ Pre-Orders, Recording LP.
    – Set Your Goals Pre-Orders Shipped (sorta)
    – Final Fight “Half Head, Full Shred” 12″ Record Release Show

    – Make Do And Mend make Panic Records their home

    Yes, another great band has been added to the ever growing Panic Records family! Connecticut’s own Make Do And Mend!

    I suppose that Connecticut knows how to keep a secret since this Connecticut foursome have been around for a couple years now. With the depth of Hot Water Music, the youthfulness of Jimmy Eat World and piecing it all together with their own dark post-hardcore sound… Make Do And Mend has delivered their latest endeavor, “Bodies Of Water”.

    Make Do And Mend self released “Bodies Of Water” for free on the Internet earlier this year. If you downloaded the record, you know how incredible it is. The only criticism of the EP, was that it was available in only digital form and people wanted it in a physical form as well. The time is coming and all criticisms will be laid to rest on March 31st, 2009, Panic Records will be releasing “Bodies Of Water” on CD/12″ and we really couldn’t be more excited since we’ve been listening to this record on repeat day after day.

    Hit up the Make Do And Mend myspace to listen to the track “Winter Wasteland” from “Bodies Of Water” to understand why we’re obsessed with this record.

    – The Golden Age “Time & Distance” 7″ Pre-Orders, Recording LP

    The Golden Ages’ new 7″, “Time & Distance” is up for pre-order now. We’re doing a couple different pre-order packages. Shirt, Hood, Limited 7″…the usual pre-order stuff that happens with most labels and bands. You know how this stuff works, you’re not a n00b, so why wait around and miss out on one of the best 7″s to come out this year? Because you’re a hater? Well, if you’re not…you should get in on this action. The new 7″ rips and has 4 brand new songs that show a definite progression from their debut LP “Carry The Torch”. Pre-Order the 7″ here

    The “Time & Distance” 7″ isn’t even out yet and the band is away this weekend with Craig Douglas at Origin Sound (Bitter End, Die Young, Lie And Wait) recording their upcoming LP “Unlock Yourself”. Since they’ve just started today, there’s not much to update on the progress of the record, but I’m sure it will be just as bad ass, if not more than the “Time & Distance” 7″. Get stoked!

    – Set Your Goals “Reset” 7″ Repress Pre-Orders Have Been Shipped (sorta)

    Majority of the Set Your Goals pre-orders have been shipped out. Unfortunately, the pressing plant shorted us. We’ve sent out every single copy that we’ve received and are waiting for the pressing plant to send us the difference. Once we receive them (we’re told about a week or two) we’ll ship them out to the remainder of you who have pre-ordered the record.

    We still have a small quantity of Mint Green copies left at

    – Final Fight “Half Head, Full Shred” 12″ Release Show

    February 11th, 2009, Final Fight will be playing at the Troubador in LA with Set Your Goals and Media Blitz. They will have 45 special record release versions of “Half Head, Full Shred” on 12″ Vinyl.

    If you haven’t gotten tickets for this yet, you might want to do so soon, this show is getting close to being sold out. Check here for tickets.

    There are still a few copies left of the Final Fight “Half Head, Full Shred” 12″ left for pre-order, they’ll probably all be sold out by the end of this month, just a heads up.

    – Panic Records Bands Live

    – Brick
    02.07.09 – Woodsboro, MD @ Mom’s Pizza
    02.08.09 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar w/ Octaves, Pianos Become The Teeth
    02.20.09 – Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space w/ Mindset, Energy, Beartrap

    – Final Fight
    02.11.09 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour w/ Set Your Goals, Media Blitz

    – The Golden Age
    02.20.09 – Corpus Christi, TX @ Hot Topic in La Palmera/Padres Staples Mall (weird)

    – Make Do And Mend
    02.20.09 – Burlington, VT @ Josh’s Basement w/ My Heart To Joy
    02.21.09 – Haverhill, MA @ Anchors Up w/ My Heart To Joy
    02.22.09 – East Northport, NY @ Black Box Theater w/ My Heart To Joy

    – Outrage
    02.10.09 – Kingston, RI @ 193 Degrees Coffeehouse w/ The Effort
    02.13.09 – Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Verse, Soul Control
    02.27.09 – Brockton, MA @ The Tigers Den w/ Have Heart

    – Set Your Goals
    02.11.09 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour w/ Final Fight, Media Blitz

    If you read all of this, thanks for the continued interest and support of Panic Records and the bands that are a part of this, we’re all stoked for 2009!

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