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VIDEO PREMIERE: Vilify - 'Veils Of Grey'

3 February 2022 | 9:19 am | Staff Writer

"I don't believe in a god. But if I did - he doesn't believe in us."

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Vilify are today unveiling their powerful new track, Veils Of Grey, premiering exclusively via The Music.

Veils Of Grey is inspired by the hypocrisy of religion and the anger and frustration that it delivers against its principle will.

In 2022, the music industry continues to be decimated by the pandemic, with artists and entertainment industries struggling to stay afloat, while religious services can throw festival-style camps with no consequence.

It is these exclusionary, divisive structural elements of religion that Veils Of Grey and Vilify fight against, targeting unjust social issues that slip through the cracks of society's attention, as they question the value of religion to contemporary society.

Vocalist Amy McIntosh reflects this sentiment, stating: "As I explored the concept of manifesting inspiration more and more the obvious tie to religion came up over and over.

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"So many people pray to God for inspiration, and thank God for any blessing of a revelation. This began to bother me as I sat in isolation during a worldwide pandemic. Lonely. Frustrated. Helpless.

"I began to look at my life and thought about the blessings 'God' was currently giving and had given me and those around me. Repressed homosexuality at a young age, and the constant death and loss I've experienced still feels like the freshest of wounds. The list goes on and on - as it does for everyone. Then music. Music was all but taken. What else could this god possibly take?

"I don't believe in a god. But if I did - He doesn't believe in us.

"Praying to deities gets you nowhere. But I believe in us. Humans are powerful and inspiring. I've seen humans overcome time and time again and surprise me with compassion over and over. I believe in us. Be your own fucking god."

You can watch the single's video exclusively above before its official release on February 4.