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Sevsons: Five Australian Bands We’re Into Right Now

3 July 2018 | 4:00 pm | Staff Writer

Sydney alternative-rock newcomers Sevsons give us the low-down on which five Australian bands they can't stop listening to of late.

Following their support slot under Dead Letter Circus and the release of solid new single, 'Evolution', Sydney alt-rock newcomers Sevsons (pronounced "Seasons") have given us the low-down on which five Australian bands they cannot stop listening to of late. The band's guitarist/vocalist Christian Doyle had some great picks all-around to share! Have a look:

The Dead Love:

These guys have been hustling around the Sydney scene for ages now and they’re finally starting to get the recognition they deserve. Their blend of grunge and alt rock in the vein of Silverchair and Nirvana is top class and their latest three singles. Sugarcoat, Ordinary and Wake Up are absolute tunes! Fun fact, if you look closely at the single art for the band’s latest single “Wake Up” you’ll spot myself and Rhys having a swell ole’ time.

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Hellions are another band that I feel have been kicking around for ages, and honestly it’s only recently that I’ve fallen in love with them. Their last record “Opera Oblivia” and latest single “X (Mwah)” contain some of my favourite heavy moments of the last few years. They have such a unique sound, and as someone who strives to be unique, I have a lot of love and respect for what they do.


Junkhead are a band we had the privilege of playing with last year and they blew me away when they hit the stage. They had such a powerful stage presence, they go completely crazy, and not only that, their music is top quality. I hear a lot of influence from a band like Every Time I Die, and their technicality is something not a lot of bands could pull off.

Ocean Grove:

Ocean Grove are a band that I had heard a lot of hype about after their debut EP dropped and during the lead up to their debut record “The Rhapsody Tapes”, and honestly I just didn’t get the hype. Once that album dropped though, man, I was hooked instantly! They blend together such a weird amalgamation of sounds and you never know what’s coming next. “Mr Centipede” was one of the songs of 2017 and I can’t wait to see where they take it next.

Slowly Slowly:

This band have the potential to be absolutely massive. I remember our bassist Hoss and myself were driving around and he chucked on one of their newer songs, “Alchemy” and I was hooked instantly. They have an old school emo-rock sound that still sounds fresh and with that said, they don’t over-do the nostalgia aspect. While I don’t think their new album 'St Leonards' is perfect, it’s damn impressive and it showed off just how far they can go if they continue to evolve and tighten up the loose ends.

[Full disclosure: Christian Doyle is one of our reviewers].

Check out Sevsons latest single, the rockin' 'Evolution', below: