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Scott Morrison confuses Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy, with Counterparts vocalist, Brendan Murphy

1 April 2020 | 8:51 am | Alex Sievers

We've since reached out for comment on whether or not the Prime Minister is a fan of Counterparts.

Earlier today, at a press conference held by Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, pertaining to a new national Covid-19 update, staff and media in attendance were reportedly confused when the country's leader handed it over to Counterparts frontman, Brendan Murphy, instead of Australia's Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy.

Brendan Murphy, of the Canadian melodic hardcore/metalcore band that formed in 2007, and not Brendan Murphy, Australia's CMO, was reportedly not phased by the mix-up. Standing proud next to Scott Morrison, the vocalist tweeted to his 27.5K followers that, "u guys we out here, doors are open now idk, should've panicked bought tickets cowards." He was then seen yelling "check-check" twice into the lectern's microphone, before launching into 'Paradise and Plague' off of the band's latest album, 'Nothing Left To Love.'

"These are trying, strange times, but I just don't see how this mix-up could've happened," mentioned one of the PM's visibly baffled assistants at today's conference.

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"But isn't he from Canada? How did he even get here?" asked one journalist from Sky News, but no response came as their demographic is predominantly made up of bigoted boomers.

Brendan Murphy, of Counterparts fame, and not Brendan Murphy, Australia's CMO, declined to answer questions.

"Well, he's still the best man for the job" Morrison loudly shouted to closely huddled journalists as Brendan Murphy, from the band Counterparts and not that of Australia's acting CMO, screamed "I FUCKING HATE THE WORLD, I FUCKING HATE MYSELF, I SWORE I'D NEVER FUCKING FEEL LIKE THIS" from 'The Disconnect', concluding the impromptu Counterparts karaoke set.

We've since reached out for comment on whether or not the Australian Prime Minister is a fan of Counterparts.