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Premiere: The Omnific's Bass Duelling Beauty, 'Objets de Vertu'

11 October 2017 | 1:05 pm | Alex Sievers

Hey kid, do you like bass?

Hey kid, do you like bass? 

When it comes to the djenty, progressive metal, jazz-inclined instrumental scene, it's often the guitarists of these acts that take the most credit; not just from dedicated fans and eager gear companies, but also from a songwriting point of view as such members tend to dominate the actual music with their presence.

However, Melbourne trio The Omnific are really bucking that idea as they have absolutely zero need for a guitarist. Not when six-stringed bassists (yes, two) Matthew Fackrell and Toby Peterson-Stewart can beautifully play off one another's tapped and slapped melodies and licks to create gorgeous, sweeping yet still highly percussive sounds. Of course, bass is nothing without its rhythm section partner in crime - the drums - and this young band also features an incredibly tight timekeeper in the form of Jerome Lematua, whose dynamic playing compliments the track's upfront duelling basses so very well. Along with some added melodic keys and swelling synths, the group's newest single 'Objets de Vertu' (French for 'objects of virtue') shows all of the above off in sheer wonderfully colourful droves. 'Objets de Vertu' is a lush instrumental track that while serene and calming in timbre also finds plenty of time to showcase moments of instrumental technicality and slick finesse.

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Following up their 2015 EP, 'Sonorous', this local trio will be releasing their new EP, 'Kismet' (a fancy of way of saying 'fate' or 'destiny') unto the world on Friday, November 24th via Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp. (It had better be on Deezer as well *shakes fist angrily*). The EP was recorded by co-bassist Peterson-Stewart, mixed by Jesse Holt (of Ambit), and was mastered by Ermin Hamidovic of Systematic Productions with some additional programming being handled by Jamie Marinos (ex-Sentinel); a solid process chain that's resulted in the best, cleanest, snappiest production The Omnific have had thus far.

Speaking about the new EP, fellow bassist Fackrell really opens up about 'Kismet', stating that it was " incredibly personal release for me, as being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in February of this year. Having these tracks to work on helped me to not get overwhelmed from the life-changing issues I was facing. I even have a track on this EP I wrote whilst in hospital which I think captures the emotions of how I was feeling at the time."

Now, while having two bassists is a bit of a gimmick, that doesn't hold back just damn how cool and nor how bloody unique this band's sound is. Keep 'Kismet' high up on your radar and stream 'Objets de Vertu' below:

If you dug this track, then be sure to suss out 'The Cuneiform Script'.