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15 February 2010 | 10:49 am | Staff Writer

With the biggest alternative music festival just around the corner, Comeback Kid continues our Soundwave band theme as we sit down with drummer and founding member Kyle Profeta

Comeback Kid
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With the biggest alternative music festival just around the corner, Comeback Kid continues our Soundwave band theme as we sit down with drummer and founding member Kyle Profeta

Could you please introduce us with your name and role in Comeback Kid?

My name Is kyle and I play drums

Has Canada been a suitable base of operations for hardcore band and how thriving is the scene in North America?

I think Canada and the U.S are very similar music scenes. The U.S is definitely more saturated than Canada, but they both are going strong. Where we are from (winnipeg) there is nothing else to do but be involved in music in some way. We have long winters that keep you indoors. Unless you man up and put a pair of sorels on and trudge through the snow to your local pub..

You guys are set to return for the Soundwave festival, which marks the 4th time (I think) to return to our fine country. How have the shows been over here and how has the crowd response developed over time?

It is actually our 5th time coming down here. I feel it has got a little stronger every time we come down. We have done a couple good support tours down here. One with sick of it all and one with carpathian. I feel those tours in particular helped us play to new ears.

Does the band prefer to come over on a headline tour or play festival dates?

Not sure.. ask me after soundwave.. Headling is fun, but I am stoked to see what soundwave is like..

Where does the band draw influence from writing now, as opposed to writing your debut CD “Turn it around”?

Thats a hard question because between me andrew and jeremy we have such a wide variety of influences..
I still listen to my lagwagon records from highschool.

What are the chances of Australia seeing some Sights and Sounds dates in the future?

Ask andrew..I know he loves it down here as much as the rest of us. I could see it more than I couldn't see it.

Broadcasting came out two years ago with the live package Through the Noise following suite a year later. When can we expect to hear some new tracks and do u have much planned writing and recording wise in the upcoming year?

Actually we are currently staying in brisbane and finishing our writing down here. We flew down a little more than a week before soundwave to get some sun and finish writing the album. We have been writing on and off for the past few months and right after soundwave we fly to toronto to do some pre production then record the album.

Chances of auto-tuned weird bits popping up on said record?

Well we are covering a cher song..haha JJ
definitely nothing weird but who knows where technology may take us..

Any up and coming bands you have heard about or seen recently that have you super keen?

Anvil.. Anvil....Anvil...

Comeback Kid has certainly done the rounds touring and sightseeing wise. What is the most memorable tour you have been on (in recent memory)?

Hope this does not bum you out. But, our first time in New zealand blew me away, I have been looking to move there ever since..

And favourite bands to hit the road with?

Anvil Anvil Anvil... My ideal superband to tour with would include Charles, Gus, dads gone wild, Chase, Zak, Jeremy, Tanner, the list goes on... it may become a symphony, there would be know way of knowing..

Since your inception in 2002, the band has seen the progression for demos, to cds to digital to twits. Is it daunting for a band to try and keep up with all these weird networking programs that kids are frothing over now?

Um not really. All you really have to do is not have your head up your ass to know what the new facebook is. haha

And the classic question, “What are your thoughts on downloading songs”?

Don't care.. just listen to it somehow and come out to our shows

Best ways to kill time in the van?

Rescue me Rescue me Rescue me.. I watch a lot of tv

Best places to get a feed on the road?

hmmmmm... I am a fan of grocery stores.. You will blow all your cabbage but, whole foods grocer in the US

Music that gets constant rotation?

Jeremy does all the driving and he listens to news radio..

Final messages and shout outs? I would also recommend you guys bring your boardies and singlets for February!

I love VB tall boys and sun so thank you for providing these two things for me
We have been here for 4 days and I haven't taken my boardies off yet..literally haven't showered either....the pool is all you need
what are singlets???