I Am Zero



I Am Zero

What happens when you put members of Saviour, Temporal, and Storm The Shores together? You get I Am Zero, that’s what. The quartet combine...


I Am Zero split from UNFD

Perth newcomers, I Am Zero have announced that they have parted ways with UNFD, with whom they signed with at the start of this year.

I Am Zero drop new music video

Perth’s I Am Zero have unveiled their second music video today with their new single, ‘Until The Sky Falls’.

I Am Zero release studio video

Perth’s I Am Zero today posted a video showing footage from their current work in the studio for their debut EP.    

I Am Zero drop debut video clip

I Am Zero, a new band consisting of members of Saviour and Temporal, have recently released their debut song, ‘The Winter Sun’.&...

I Am Zero release new teaser

 I Am Zero (member of Saviour, Temporal) release first teaser video for upcoming release.