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Having just put out fourth album ‘Currents’, Texan indie-rock quartet Eisley are embracing finally having complete creative cont...


Eisley release new video

Eisley have released a new video for the title track from their latest album, ‘Currents.’ The video was directed by MutemathR...

Eisley stream new album

Eisley are streaming their upcoming fourth studio album, Currents, in its entirety.

Say Anything, Eisley release split

Say Anything and Eisley have released a limited split 7" together through Equal Vision Records, performing acoustic songs from each ban...

Eisley release album details

Eisley have announced their fourth full-length album, ‘Currents,’ will be released on May 28 via Equal Vision Records.

Eisley post update

Eisley have posted an update statement onto their Facebook page, letting fans know what they will be up to in 2013. The band’s vocalis...

Eisley announce new record

According to a tweet from the band, Eisley anticipate a 2013 release and tour for their fourth full-length album.

Eisley stream EP preview clips

Texas pop rock band Eisley are streaming clips of their upcoming EP on the Amazon website. ‘Deep Space’ is scheduled for release...

Eisley release new EP

Eisley have announced plans to release a new five-track EP titled ‘Deep Space’ through Equal Vision on Feb. 14.

Eisley stream new album

Eisley have launched a stream of their new album "The Valley". The new album, which will be released on March 1, is the band’...

Eisley offer free download

As family band Eisley gear up to release their new album, and debut on Equal Vision Records, ‘The Valley,’ a free song has been ...

Eisley release date and new song

Family band Eisley have announced a release date for their new record ‘The Valley.’ The new album, their debut on Equal Vision R...

Eisley sign with Equal Vision Records

Eisley have signed a deal with Equal Vision Records to release a new full-length album. The band had previously released two albums and seve...