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Enthusiastic, eccentric and dedicated, iwrestledabearonce are unique if nothing else. The band begins their Australian tour this week. Prior...


iwrestledabearonce stream new album

In celebration of the release of their new album, colourful Louisiana metallers iwrestledabearonce are currently streaming the full-length...

iwrestledabearonce stream new album

Louisiana experimental metalcore band iwrestledabearonce have put their new album, ‘Late For Nothing,’ online for streaming.

iwrestledabearonce post new song

iwrestledabearonce have premiered a new track, which will feature on the band’s forthcoming studio album.

Iwrestledabearonce release new song

Iwrestledabearonce have released a new song entitled "Karate Nipples", which will be featured on their forthcoming album "Rui...

Iwrestledabearonce discuss new album

Louisiana experimental metal quintet Iwrestledabearonce recently checked in with music magazine Alternative Press to discuss the progress of...

Iwrestledabearonce preparing new album

Louisiana experimental metal outfit Iwrestledabearonce have announced writing has finished on studio album number two, with the group pushin...

Iwrestledabearonce completes new album

Guitarist Steven comments: "We just finished up our full-length Century Media debut with our buddy Ryan Boesch producing / engineering ...