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With Dragonforce’s sixth album ‘Maximum Overload’ out this August, Killyourstereo.com chats with guitarist Herman Li about...


Taking their queues from our metal heroes of yesterday, London’s Dragonforce are set to drop another record of guitar wizardry on our coll...


Dragonforce guitarist shreds in hot tub

Heard of the 70,000 Tons of Metal festival? Yep, it’s that one where a bunch of heavy metal bands and their fans sail around on a crui...

Dragonforce post new video

Dragonforce have posted the new music video for their song "Cry Thunder". The song is taken from the band’s new album "...

DragonForce announce new singer

British metal band DragonForce have announced that their long search for a lead vocalist is finally over

Dragonforce to release live album

Dragonforce, known for their over-the-top, infinitely fun, wildly entertaining live show, which has slayed the main stages of Ozzfest, Rock ...

Dragonforce singer departs

British power metallers Dragonforce have officially parted ways with their lead singer ZP Theart. The band released the following statement ...

Dragonforce post new song

Listen to the new song “Heroes of Our Time” on the bands Myspace page…

Dragonforce Australian tour

“Every year there are albums eagerly anticipated, be it from hot young names…”

Dragonforce new album

“Ultra Beatdown” is an epic, sweeping, grand collection of infectious guitar…”