Aversions Crown

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Aversions Crown

Since they first hit the scene, Aversions Crown have always been pretty heavy, and they just keep adding the weight on. Their sophomore albu...

Aversions Crown

Aversions Crown entered the heavy metal discussion with 2011’s impressive full-length ‘Servitude’. Continuing with our rec...


Aversions Crown drop hectic new song

Our very own Aversions Crown have released a new song and to perhaps absolutely no one’s surprise, it is insanely heavy.  

Aversions Crown vocalist steps down

Local metallers, Aversions Crown have announced that vocalist Colin Jeffs will be stepping down from his duties in the band.

Aversions Crown announce tour

Brisbane’s Aversions Crown have announced the TyrantAustralian Tour, which will take place in November with Molotov Solution as the ma...

Aversions Crown band update

Australian metallers Aversions Crown have given fans a brief update regarding the status of touring and the progress on a new studio album.&...