Totally Unicorn

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Totally Unicorn

Totally Unicorn is a band that doesn’t give a fuck when they get up on stage, or anywhere for that matter, and who just go completely ...


Totally Unicorn finish album

Sydney’s Totally Unicorn have completed their new studio album according to a recent socials post.

Totally Unicorn release lyric video

Indescribable South Coast four-piece Totally Unicorn have jumped on the lyric video bandwagon for their track ‘Happy Birthday From The...

Totally Unicorn release new track

To co-incide with the band’s "Totally Gay Dammit Tour" with Sydney’s Gay Paris & Adelaide’s God God Dammit D...

Totally Unicorn release new video

Beard Of Bees Records are pleased to announce the release of Totally Unicorns debut music video. The video is for the song Daddys Stabby Sur...