American heavy metal staples Trivium have garnered a name for themselves within the international scene as a talented and hard working band....


Trivium are a prominent name in contemporary metal. A healthy work ethic and new album – ‘Vengeance Falls – just released,...


Trivium add second Melbourne show

Florida metal outfit Trivium have added a second Melbourne date to their upcoming tour after their first show sold-out.

Trivium announce Australian tour

Florida metal contemporaries Trivium have announced an Australian tour, with the band to headline a run of shows this April.

Trivium vocalist ordered to rest voice

Trivium vocalist Matt Heafy has been ordered to take a break from singing which has resulted in the band cancelling all upcoming shows.

Trivium reveal new song

Trivium have uploaded the first single from their upcoming album, ‘Vengeance Falls’.

Trivium announce album details

US metal heavyweights Trivium have announced the details for their upcoming album, ‘Vengeance Falls.’

Trivium complete recording

Popular US metallers Trivium have completed the recording process for their new album.

Trivium post new video

Trivium have posted the new music video for their song "Watch The World Burn". The song is taken from the band’s latest albu...

Trivium announce release date

Trivium have announced that they will release their new album, titled ‘In Waves,’ on August 9th. Vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy m...

New Trivium track surfaces

Trivium has seemingly come out of nowhere, with their new track "In Waves" surfacing onto the internet, giving fans a taste of th...

Trivium discuss new album

Popular Florida heavy metal quartet Trivium have discussed in-length various aspects of their new album when the band caught up with promine...

Trivium post Australian tour footage

Metal giants Trivium have posted some backstage footage from the Australia/New Zealand tour the band is currently completing with Disturbed ...

Trivium release new album details

Florida metal giants Trivium have announced that they have seventeen songs ready for their new record, which is set for release in 2011 via ...

Trivium recording new album in October

Trivium will enter Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida the third week of October to begin recording their new album. The band has teamed...

Trivium drummer fired over the phone

Former Trivium drummer Travis Smith was told of his termination from the band over the phone vocalist Matt Heafy states.

Trivium Confirm New Drummer

After much speculation, Trivium has officially announced that Drummer and founding member, Travis Smith is no longer part of the band. His r...

Trivium announce Soundwave sideshow

There’s no such thing as a band born to greatness. To succeed in the world of music there’s a whole energy-sapping storm of hard...

Trivium want you to share their albums

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy wants you to share their albums and has urged fans to spread their music around the internet. Heafy said, "...

Trivium Australian tour

There’s no such thing as a band born to greatness. To succeed in the world of music there’s a whole energy-sapping storm of ha...

Trivium stream new album

"We can’t just have a CD that sounds small. We’ve already done that, that’s what The Crusade was. It sounded like a s...

Trivium post new song

Check out a new track off their forthcoming album “Shogun”…

Trivium finish new album

“Hopefully we’ll be able to play a song or two when we hit Japan in August.”

Live Trivium video

Check out the live video for “Ember to Inferno”