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Killyourstereo.com – colloquially known as Kill Your Stereo and KYS – is an independent Australian music website that was established sometime in the distant past of 2006.

Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to covering rock, punk, hardcore and metal releases, news and so much more; all with honesty and hopefully via our own unique way. Some would say it’s done well, others would disagree. We’ll leave that up to you. Essentially, if we have something to say about particular on-goings, releases or bands – good or bad – we’ll say so, one way or another. Other than reviews and op-eds, we also publish interviews, live review coverage, premieres, retrospective articles, features and all manner of news articles as well.

We may not be the first to break news, but we will still discuss news in the best way we can in order to do the topic or issue justice; not focusing purely on getting something out first for the pure sake of clicks. We are also not ‘journalists’ – we don’t really think of ourselves like that nor label ourselves with that term. Call us whatever you wish. We are just people who love music and writing; wishing to express as such with our own creative outlet.


One of the largest aspects of KYS is our reviews, and we love music here: that’s why we praise it lovingly but also why we criticise it. When we review a release, we rate it out of 100. Whenever we review something, it is an honest write-up and the opinions – positive or negative – presented are solely those of that particular writer and do not reflect the opinions of the wider site’s other contributors or of editor/owner, Alex Sievers. (Unless it’s his review, obviusly.)

Below is what our review scores mean:

  • 100: Tuly exceptional release; essentially perfect. AOTY.
  • 90-99: A superb release shy of perfection.
  • 80-89: A great release, one you need to acquaint yourself with ASAP.
  • 70-79: Solid. Above average, but not amazing.
  • 60-69: A decent release; flawed but still enjoyable.
  • 50-59: Average. Not awful, only just made it across the finish line.
  • 40-49: Not good; utterly mediocre and below average.
  • 30-39: Bad. Woeful; bordering on abysmal.
  • 20-29: An awful release that has one or two redeeming qualities.
  • 10-19: Forsakenm, cannot recommend.
  • 0-9: If you see this, avoid like the plague.

If there is any potential conflict of interest between a writer and an artist or a release, we will fully disclose that fact or avoid it altogether. We like to be upfront with how we work here.

This should also go without saying, but with any review that you read here, always take it with a grain of salt. We are being honest in our critiques and praises, yet we understand that some readers may disagree. So we always encourage our readers to experience said content for themselves (even if we completely loathe the release) and to form their own opinions.

To any bands reading this: we do not hate you if we dislike your music. We hope you can understand that distinction. Calling us “wankers” or insulting us over social media after reading a negative review of your latest release or show will not help your case. Save your bandwidth. And unlike some of our media peers, if you try to pay us to give you a good review, we will politley tell you to fuck off.


A premiere is like a birthday, so it should come from the heart and a place of love. We are happy to help publish an advance stream of your next single or video. If we do ask for payment for exclusives or premieres, that money will not be pocketed; it’ll go into sponsoring social media posts about this premiere.

Of course, if we are offering space on the site for your band’s advance stream or some other exclusive, early release, we ask the band and the members share it on their social media accounts accordingly.


If you are experiencing issues or bugs, please contact us ASAP: support@killyourstereo.com