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So, just who and what are we? 

Killyourstereo.com – colloquially known as Kill Your Stereo and most often abbreviated as ‘KYS’ – is an independent Australian music website that was established back in 2006. Since our inception over ten years, we’ve been dedicated to bringing rock, punk, hardcore and metal fans the latest in news, features, interviews, exclusives, premieres, reviews, and more; all with honesty and hopefully, in our own unique way too.

While we do strongly focus on alternative and heavy music, we will occasionally cover news and releases pertaining to other genres, such as indie, acoustic, pop, instrumental, electronica, singer-songwriter, synthwave, and so on. Essentially, if we have something to say about a particular release or band – good or bad – we will say so, one way or another. Of course, we may also not be the first to break news, but we will discuss it the correct and best way we can in order to do the topic or the issue justice; and not focus purely on getting something out first in a rushed manner for the pure sake of clicks. We are not ‘journalists’, we just like music and want to write about it as our own creative outlet.

Now that that’s out of the way, some housecleaning:

Due to our location in Australia, it is Australian media, releases, tours, and events that will take precedence in our site’s coverage. We will, of course, cover news, events, and releases from international bands, as well as interview many abroad artists – not just those from our fine continent. However, it is with Australian bands, promoters, and publicists that we consistently receive the most attention from and it is here, in Australia, that the largest percentage of our readership is located, thus our writing efforts will be most focused here. We hope that any international artists, labels, and publicists reading this understand but aren’t put off: we will cover your band if we can!

Most Importantly, Here Is A Breakdown Of Our Reviews:

One of the largest aspects of KYS is our reviews, and we love music here – hence why we praise it lovingly at times and also why we criticise it harshly. When we review a release, we rate it out of ‘100’. Whenever we review something, it is always an honest write-up and the opinions – positive or negative – presented are solely those of that particular writer and do not reflect the opinions of the site’s other contributors or of our highly-opinionated shithead/editor in chief, Alex Sievers. (Also: please note that Alex and each writer of ours has their own approach and writing style, views and personality, and that will come hopefully through in their respective writing).

As for what we cover in this section, we review full-length albums, EPs, split releases, as well as the occasional compilation release and live CD/DVD. Since the third quarter of 2016, we also cover gigs and events in our live review pieces. However, we do not do traditional single reviews.

Below is how we layout our reviews scores and what we mean when we label a release with a certain score. (Because people seem to really have trouble with reviews and other people’s opinions being shared).

  • 100: A truly exceptional release that is essentially perfect. One of the Albums Of The Year, if not *the* AOTY.
  • 90-99: A superb release just shy of perfection.
  • 80-89: A great release, one you need to acquaint yourself with ASAP.
  • 70-79: Solid. Above average, but not ‘amazing’.
  • 60-69: A decent release; flayed yet still enjoyable.
  • 50-59: Average. While not awful, it only just made it across the line of being ‘good’.
  • 40-49: Utterly mediocre, nothing to really write home about.
  • 30-39: Bad. Woefully mediocre, & bordering on being abysmal.
  • 20-29: An awful, subpar release that only has one or two redeeming qualities.
  • 10-19: Truly forsaken, an accursed release that we cannot ever recommend.
  • 0-9: If you see a review with this rating then don’t buy, don’t listen more than once; avoid at all costs!

If there is any conflict of interest between a writer and an artists release, (for example, if the writer and the band are friends in real life) then we will fully disclose that fact in the piece, and that is even if that particular writer even proceeds with their review. Again, we like to be upfront with how we work here.

This should also go without saying, but with any review that you read – whether it’s here or on any other publication – always take it with a grain of salt. We are being honest in our critiques and praises in our reviews, yet we understand that some of you may disagree. So we always encourage our readers to experience said content for themselves (even if we completely loathe it) and to form their own opinions, to then of course comment on the review itself for some healthy discussion.

To any bands reading this: no, we do not hate you personally if we dislike your music, and we sincerely hope you can understand that distinction. Also, calling us “wankers”, being passive aggressive children or insulting us over social media after reading a negative review of your latest release or live show will never help your case. Please, save your time, energy and your bandwidth.

Also, unlike some of our media peers, if you try to pay us to give you a good review, Alex will kindly tell you to fuck off.

Please submit your music for review here: reviews@killyourstereo.com

That Being Said, We Are Happy To Be The Media Presenter For Your Tours!

KYS is happy to be the media presenter for your band’s tour, though the final decision on whether we do or not will come down to our editor.

If we do indeed co-present a tour, we will do up a news article accordingly and do our best to run an interview with the band(s) in question, as well as writing about the tour in whatever way we can to promote any new dates that have been added, the list of supporting bands etc. We will also post on our socials about the tours when appropriate, but please keep in mind that we are not the promoter and we have other content to cover and publish.

To reiterate a prior point, we are the not the promoter. We will not be booking any of the shows, we do not book the support bands nor the headliners, and we do not manage ticket sales or their distribution. Just letting you know so you don’t waste time and hit us up

As For Any And All Premiere Streams:

Yes, much like our peers over at Hysteria, Heavy MagDepth MagTheMusic.com or Blunt Mag (RIP), we are happy to help publish an advance stream of your next single or full release on the website. Again, like the previous section about media tour presenting, we’ll push these posts via our socials accordingly. Now, we do not ask for any payment for any of our exclusives or premieres. Honestly, that would be wrong of us.

Please keep in mind that our editor does have the final say on what songs and bands we work with in these instances. So, if he does not like the song or the band then his and the site’s integrity will be maintained and we will decline to premiere the content in question. Also, if we are offering space on the website for your band’s new single, or a stream of your new EP or album, then we simply ask that you share it on your social media accounts accordingly as well. As these our exclusive posts, after all, and it’s only fair, right?

Now, For The Advertisers Reading:

As a quick glance at our site will confirm to you, KYS does run advertising with various international and national bands, promoters and record labels. However, we – as a website – are here to discuss, praise and criticise music and are not simply here to blatantly promote it.

To any potential advertisers, please note that simply advertising on our website does not guarantee you will get a positive review from us. Advertising slots have absolutely no bearing or sway on our reviews and their scores. Please read that again but louder for added emphasis. Again, if you want to pay for good reviews, we suggest you please advertise elsewhere with our peers (no need to say who, you know who we mean). On the contrary, the release in question may indeed be reviewed positively by us, if that is how the particular writer truly feels about the work on offer.

For any and all advertising inquiries, please contact the email address below and we will get back to you ASAP: advertising@killyourstereo.com

You Can Also Sign Up To The Site! Of Course, You Don’t Have To, But You Can!

If you would like to contribute to our forum with the regulars or comment on our articles, telling us why we’re totally right or why we’re so very wrong, then you need to be a registered user with us. You are still free to read any of our content without being registered, but you won’t be able to enjoy the finer perks of the site. Oh, and when you sign up you don’t need to sweat about your personal details, as we don’t share your info with anyone. Shit, we wouldn’t even know how to!

Want to contact Alex directly? Shoot him an email here: alex.sievers@killyourstereo.com (be aware he gets dozens of emails every day and works weird hours, so please forgive him if he doesn’t get back to you right away). 

If you are experiencing any issues or bugs with our website, please contact us ASAP: support@killyourstereo.com

Finally, for any general Information and for any press releases that you may have, please send to the below address: info@killyourstereo.com