Marilyn Manson rumoured for Soundwave 2012

The Soundwave 2012 lineup is schedueled to be announced on Friday night, but the rumours have already began, sparked by rumour junkie Nui Te Koha who has so far made the right call on bands from the Big Day Out line-up.

According to Koha the Soundwave 2012 lineup announcement on Friday will include The Offspring, Marilyn Manson and Evanescence with the quote “and they’re not even the headliners!”.

Whether he is correct or not, we won’t have long to wait as the first Soundwave lineup announcement is expected on Friday night at around 10pm which will add another 62 bands to the 30 already announced.

8 Responses to “Marilyn Manson rumoured for Soundwave 2012”

  1. Ultracore

    Pretty sure Manson turned them down as he’s planning to do his own headline tour once his new album is released, however that information could be wrong.

    Also, the 62 bands is inclusive of the 30 already announced. They’re not bringing down 100+ bands.

  2. auzziewizard auzziewizard

    if this rumour is correct, I hope AJ doesnt overbook on headliners again and end up not being able to pay them …..

  3. Spenca

    thx for that replier 1.. i love a rumour that may or may not be true espesh when they admit it in the rumour .. f$#ing idiot !

    LOL@ steveC

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