Tonight Alive sign to Sony

Sydney pop rockers Tonight Alive have recently signed a deal with Sony Music worldwide. 

The band will soon begin recording their debut album with producer Mark Trombino (Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World) the follow up to their EP release ‘All Shapes And Disguises.’

Check them out at their myspace page.

12 Responses to “Tonight Alive sign to Sony”

  1. ellewilliams

    they’re good but they’re an exact clone of early paramore, so I really don’t understand the point in signing them.

  2. ellewilliams

    because they sound exactly like paramore. why would you want 2 paramores? and its not like they’re even slightly different, people will notice that too.

  3. Seaniam

    The band is solid. Its all there just waiting for an A&R team to polish it and sell it to the tweens. Wont be long till they get a number one in the country either…apparently you only have to sell 3600 CD’s to get in the #1 spot.

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