UNFD Bands To Cover Silverchair On ‘Spawn (Again): A Tribute To Silverchair’

From Amity covering ‘Tomorrow’ to Columbus covering ‘Straight Lines’, Silverchair’s best is getting the cover treatment. 

With the blessing of the fabled Aussie rock band themselves and their management/label, upcoming compilation ‘Spawn (Again): A Tribute To Silverchair‘ is a love letter to the very best of Silverchair, with ten covers from ten of UNFD’s bands, including Amity, In Hearts Wake (‘Freak‘), The Brave, Storm The Sky, Ocean Grove (‘Spawn (Again)‘, Columbus, Tonight Alive, Hands Like HousesVoid Of Vision (‘Isreal’s Son‘) and of course, Northlane.

Man… some of these are going to be really good and some will be really bad.

Now, as this is an Australian music website, and as you reading this right now are Australian, I shouldn’t have to explain to you the impact and success that Silverchair had on the Aussie music landscape and the international rock scene (and I won’t). It’s this impact that Daniel Johns and his friends had upon the eagerly listening youth around the world that’s resulted in these covers, as Northlane’s Jon Deiley puts it:

“Anthem For The Year 2000 was the first Silverchair song I ever heard. To me as a young kid, it was intense and heavy and it wasn’t til a few years later that I really began to appreciate the impact their music had on me at an early age. I think Australia’s love for Silverchair runs deep and their influence on Australian music is still felt today. There’s very few bands who can bring together artists to celebrate their work, and Silverchair is one of them.”

And with the release’s announcement today, the first cover was unveiled with Northlane’s take on ‘Anthem For The Year 2000‘. While the lyrics and vibe are the same, the rest of the song’s production and instrumentation is full 2017 Northlane 101 sans screams. Check it out below:

Suss out the full tracklisting below. Oddly, Hellions aren’t here. Though maybe after that ‘Jesus Of Suburbia’ cover they’ve decided to cut their losses when it comes to covers. 

1. The Amity Affliction – Tomorrow
2.Void of Vision – Israel’s Son
3. In Hearts Wake – Freak
4. The Brave – Cemetery
5. Northlane – Anthem For The Year 2000
6. Hands Like Houses – Ana’s Song (Open Fire)
7. Ocean Grove – Spawn (Again)
8. Storm The Sky – Emotion Sickness
9. Tonight Alive – Without You
10. Columbus – Straight Lines

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  1. theskull

    First real band I really got into, thought pure massacre was too heavy for me back when they released it haha.
    Don’t underestimate how big/good these guys were in their prime.

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