Dreamers Crime Drop New Single ‘Here We Are’, Announce Debut Album

Dreamers Crime, My Ears Demise. 

Overly generic local hard rock/metal outfit, Dreamer’s Crime have today revealed that their debut album, titled ‘No Compromises‘, will uncompromisingly land on Friday, November 17th.

After two years’ worth of writing and gigging around Australia, and (for some fucking reason) even opening up a Rugby League pre-game show at ANZ Stadium, this Sydney quintet entered the studio to lay down new material following their ‘What Is Real‘ EP. Their debut full-length’s creation was greatly helped by both Stevie Knight (of The Dead Love) and Dave Petrovic at Electric Sun Studios. As such, even if this forthcoming release turns out to be subpar garbage, it’ll at least have a solid production, mix and master job behind it.

Moving on. In a press release for this announcement, Dreamers Crime frontman Pete Repousis said that the title of their new record was chosen because they (apparently) did just that – make no compromises whatsoever – saying:

“Sometimes to get to where you wanna go, you have to say – f*#k what others have to say and just go for it. People sometimes over-compromise and end up the person they don’t want to be or in a place they never wanted to be in. Sometimes, for the sake of your beliefs and your dreams, you have to say no. That is where the album name ‘No Compromises’ came from. We didn’t want to compromise on this record and neither should our fans have to accept any less from us.”

Yet after listening to Dreamer’s Crime newly released single, ‘Here We Are‘, I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan personally. Especially not with the following four thoughts loudly filling the inner recesses of my mind after sitting through the band’s latest track.

– Thought #1: ‘Dreamers Crime‘ is probably one of the worst band names I’ve heard in 2017.

– Thought #2: A music video full of awkward looking band members miming along to their own music doesn’t help matters for the song’s impact on ones first ever listen. (Which is also the case for the group’s ‘I Believe In You‘ film clip).

– Thought #3: As per the album’s name, what musical compromises did this band actually avoid when writing and recording this new release? Furthermore, as people, what ethical and/or moral compromises in their personal lives did they avoid or even take part in that have supposedly shaped and moulded this record into life? If none for either, then that name is ultimately hollow.

– Thought #4: And honestly, maybe this band should’ve compromised on a few things, such as compromising in not having shite lyrics like: “Here we are, here we are…we are waiting/Here we are, here we are…undivided souls as one/Here we are, here we are…we are waiting/Here we are, here we are…listen to our voice’s song“.

Anywho, check out ‘Here We Are‘ below. Maybe you’ll like it far more than I did.

Jesus H. Christ, I was really passive aggressive in this post. Oh well, bland music really pulls that side of me out. If you’re (somehow) stoked on this new record from Dreamers Crime, you’ll be able to pre-order their debut LP via them directly come this Friday, October 13th. 

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