Windwaker Release Beautiful New Two-Track, ‘Fade Sessions’

Windwaker strikes a far more delicate note on this “new” release.

Metalcore band by day, soothing acoustic pop band by night” is the tagline that Melbourne’s Windwaker should lead with from here on in.

After releasing their solid five-track EP ‘Fade‘ back in May, the trio recently followed it up with something a little different; the ‘Fade Sessions‘ two-track. This very short but very sweet new release is an ambient-laden, stripped back, acoustic re-imagining of the band’s songs ‘Take Me With You‘ and ‘Awake‘; now existing as a vast musical far cry from the original versions of songs like ‘Castaway‘ or ‘The Destroyer‘.

With less busy, far quieter dynamics to the drumming, acoustic guitars supporting clean melodic leads, some added instrumentation and atmospherics sprinkled throughout, all driven along by some of frontman Will King’s most intimate vocal deliveries outside of his vocal cover videos, the ‘Fade Sessions‘ is a special, gorgeous release all up. And it’s one that shows off a whole new versatile dynamic to this fastly-growing local outfit; the kind that has me personally hooked in and has me loving these two versions much more than the original two tracks in question.

You can stream the ‘Fade Sessions‘ on Spotify or save yourself a few extra clicks and check it out below.

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