Death Bells’ ‘Only You’ Is An Equally Haunting & Addictive Post-Punk Tune

Modern post-punk done right. 

Excluding the macabre and rather morose history surrounding that of a ‘death bell’ (colloquially known as a ‘passing bell’) – a church bell that was once rung to mark the death of a parishioner – you’ll find a certain amount more life, emotion, and heart held within Death Bells most recent tune, ‘Only You‘. Plus, the grand sounds of this moody, addictive track do not mark the death of another human being in the nearby area, so there’s that.

This Sydney dream-pop/post-punk outfit’s music is as darkly hopeful in its melodies and overall tone as the band’s actual sonics are lavished in instrumental layers and church hall reverb, something that this new single pulls off effortlessly and gracefully. Released last month (and with me having only discovered it the other day), the hauntingly catchy ‘Only You‘ shows a band deeply in control of their sound well beyond their years. It’s like the best bits of The Cure and Slowdive mashed in with the slightly shoegazier sound of their Brisbane peers, Deafcult.

Having previously released the equally great pieces, ‘Roman Candles‘ and ‘Something Above‘, this newish track is culled from the local group’s forthcoming debut LP, ‘Standing At The Edge Of The World‘ – which I am beyond fuckin’ stoked for, honestly- and that record will drop later this month on September 29th via Burning Rose and Funeral Party Records.

Find out just why I am now so bloody keen on Death Bells and their upcoming debut full-length below with ‘Only You‘.

Photo credit: Dakota Gordon. ‘Standing At The Edge Of The World‘ releases September 29th, 2017.

Death Bells

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