ICYMI This Week: Being As An Ocean Released Their New Record

The now independent Being As An Ocean made good on their word. 

Arriving 36 hours earlier than originally planned, for whatever the case may have been, Being As An Ocean released what would have been their Equal Vision Records debut (had things not gone tits up between both parties) this week.

Waiting For Morning To Come‘ is the group’s long-awaited four full-length record, and it shows a further departure from their melodic hardcore roots. As here, there’s far more emphasis on the use of synths, reverse effects, samples, shorter instrumental pieces, wider ambiance and atmospherics, and stronger overall album composition; all the while still sounding like Being As An Ocean at the end of the day.

Here’s one of my own personal favourite picks from this new record – ‘Thorns‘. Pick up the full release here or stream it on Spotify.

Still no word on what exactly happened between the American band and Equal Vision Records but hopefully, one day, we’ll find out…

Due to the more or less sudden release of BAAO’s latest album, we’ll have a review of some kind arriving this week or so. Ha, as if anyone cares. 

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