SEIMS Return With Insane Progressive Tune, ‘Cyan’

For fans of: Battles, 65daysofstatic, Three Trapped Tigers, and The Mars Volta.

Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist, Simeon Bartholomew, under the guise of progressive music moniker SEIMS, has turned into one of our country’s best in this mathy genre. Something that Bartholomew proved recently when he and his full band returned to SEIMS to drop the batshit insane song, ‘Cyan‘; a low-end brutal, instrumentally intricate, sonically colorful eight-minute expose of controlled chaos.

Acting as the opening piece from the band’s upcoming third record, the suitably titled ‘3‘ is a four-track, 32-minute long release, all once again written and produced by Bartholomew himself. However, sharing is caring, so this time around he shared the reigns during its tracking process with his bandmates – guitarist/noisemaker Sam Sheumack, drummer Chris Allison, and trumpet and synth player Paul Meo (SEIMS actual touring members) – as well as guest spots from the likes of sleepmakeswavesHinterlandtFat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt and others.

Having heard ‘3‘ already, I am happy to report that it’s a great and intensive record to say the very least and ‘Cyan‘ is but the start of something even grander. The LP is thematically based on the CMYK color model – Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow – which each make up the name of the release’s first three songs. Like a painting, when you mix colors together, you can create something different. And when you mix together elements from this album’s first three track, you create the release’s fourth and final composition, ‘Imperfect Black‘, which even uses themes and riffs from the previous songs to create a whole new piece. It’s then taken one step further by a collaboration with fellow Sydney musician, Wartime Sweethearts, who for the first time, brings vocals into the intense foray of SEIMS‘ heady music. 

3‘ drops on October 26th via Art As Catharsis and Birds Robe Records and was recorded and mixed by Sydney’s Tim Carr (We Lost the Sea/Slowly Building Weapons) and was mastered by the legendary Jeff Lipton (Battles/City & Colour).

Stream ‘Cyan‘ below:


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