The Faction Radio, A New Haven For Heavy Music Streaming

The Faction Radio, a new heavy music service to wrap your ears around.

Today, The Faction Radio went live, a new 24/7 digital radio station that can take care of all your heavy music needs.

Distributed out to over one million Australian music-lovers via the popular radio app platform, iHeartRadio, The Faction Radio will shepherd a platform that’s solely focused on the realms of heavy and alternative music. The brainchild of PR company Collision Course, this project has been in deep planning for well over a year now; built on the sincere idea of bringing together the local community for one of Australia’s most underrated music demographics.

I mean, sure, The Racket and Short.Fast.Loud are indeed great at getting heavier tunes out there but I can only assume that their late night scheduling doesn’t yield the same numbers as the day time Triple J listenership does. And unless you’re a band on UNFD, are playing Unify or are playing some another large festival, or have secured a massive support slot lined up, then the late night programs are where your music will get any kind of mass radio coverage. The Faction, however, aims to fill that void.

“The metal community is one of the most passionate in the world and we have so much to celebrate – not just artists and music but also a thriving live sector, amazing blogs and media and so many people with passion,” says Collision Course manager and The Faction, Tim Price. “We wanted to put it together and create a hub for that community which brings the genre into a mobile world. Through our partnership with iHeartRadio, we can now also use The Faction Radio to reach new metal fans and welcome them into our scene.”

A division of SGC Media, Price and the rest of Collision Course provides many PR and label services for the likes of EMI, Caroline, Unified, Destroy All Lines and many more. Seriously, a majority of my emails for KYS come from around four or five people and Price is one of those names, littering my inbox left, right and center!

As for the digital radio stations name, it all really is about what it means to be a faction – a small and organized dissenting group within a larger majority. Which, in some ways, describes what it’s like to be into alternative or heavy music: you’re a part of a growing, passionate community but a small one effort all things considered. The Faction Radio, by streaming 24/7, aims to bolster that national community by spinning around the clock tunes, hosting exclusive Spotify playlists, video streaming, providing news and updates from the best media outlets here in Australia and overseas, as well as offering solid offers and discounts for members regarding new music, gigs, tours, and so on.

It is bare bones stuff right now, but the service will only be moving up from here as it grows over time. Jump onto The Faction Radio here and get listening, folks!

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