Ladies & Gentlemen, Please Meet The Fever

New band, who dis?

Last week we had End arrive on the scene – a band featuring current and former members of CounterpartsMisery SignalsFit For An AutopsyStructures and Reign Supreme – release their debut song, ‘Usurper‘. And it was as fucking killer as you could imagine it to be!

This week, on the hardcore/metal supergroup front is another brand new band, The Fever. As you may have picked up on from the above promo photo, this group features Letlive.’s engaging and enigmatic frontman, Jason Aalon Butler, guitarist Stephen Harrison who many will remember from the (sadly) defunct The Chariot, as well as powerhouse drummer Aric Improta from American math-lords Night Verses rounding out the band.

The trio’s first ever officially released song is the criminally short and politically anti-authoritarian cut, ‘We’re Coming In‘. This track actually did the rounds last month when a live video from a pop-up exhibition/set the band performed outside of a Randy’s Donuts shop in Inglewood, California spread like wildfire.

As far as The Fever and this debut go, it’s musically and sonically more in touch with Letlive.’s Fake History‘ and ‘The Blackest Beautiful‘ records than either of the feedback-heavy chaos The Chariot so gloriously dealt in or the intensive, intricate mathy assault Night Verses offered up on 2016’s damn solid LP, ‘Into The Vanishing Light‘. And honestly, as someone who is a massive fan of The Chariot’s work and who has a lot of love for Letlive. (except for ‘If I’m The Devil…‘, of course) as well as Night Verses, this debut song was pretty underwhelming. The overly-repetitive, groove-centric single just barely scrapes over the two-minute mark, repeating its sole distorted guitar riff and its small set of edgy, “Us. Vs. Them” lyrics ad nauseam throughout. Sprinkle in a handful of electronics as well as a quick dub section and boom – that’s all she wrote for this one, folks.

Each of the three bands that The Fever pulls its members from had had many better songs in their respective catalogues than has been offered up here with ‘We’re Coming In‘. Which saddens me greatly considering the incredibly strong pedigree that’s behind this band and what heights I know they’re more than capable of. Of course, this is still just The Fever’s first ever released track and I remain positive that there’ll be something very special to come out of this new band eventually!

Stream ‘We’re Coming In‘ below, take a look for yourself, and be sure to keep tabs on these guys moving forward.

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  1. anthonychristie

    Agree with everything above. Been following the hype that’s been building for the last couple of months but disappointed by this track. Bit boring aye, didn’t really have the intensity or heaviness I was after. Hopefully tracks to come have those elements.

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