Circa Survive Invoke The ‘Rites of Investiture’ With New Single

Whatever the hell that means…

Like all of Circa Survive’s best work, today’s new track ‘Rites Of Investiture‘ is a high-scale cut driven along by distorted bass lines, Anthony Green’s crisp falsetto vocals, groovy and pounding drums, and intricate, ambitious guitar melodies working away behind and around the band’s other instrumentals.

For the song’s music video, Circa Survive enlisted the teenage version of Green himself. See, all of the footage you’ll watch in this video comes from a 1994 short film shot by their frontman’s cousin, Jonathan Michaels. As the story goes, Michaels was building his film school portfolio and asked a then 12-year-old Anthony Green to act in one of the projects, rewarding him with a copy of The Smiths‘ now seminal album, ‘The Queen Is Dead‘ – a record that Green supposedly fell madly in love with. Like any repurposed black and white footage in this modern era, this clip makes for a surprisingly eerie watch. Because honestly, old stuff is just creepy in retrospect. However, it all makes for a great companion to the band’s explosive new track, complementing its lyrics surrounding birth and the harsh world that children are immediately thrown into. (See: “Fiending children writhe/The cradle cap will fall/Rings attach the hands/Shadow black and cold“).

Likewise, judging by this new song’s dark lyrics, this upcoming record’s surreal front cover, the parental and motherly theme of prior single ‘Lustration‘, this album seems to be dealing with the nature of birth, understanding what and where we come from, the things that those before us have done for our protection, and so on. Well, just another thought provoking release from Circa Survive it seems!

The Amulet‘ is out September 22nd via Hopeless Records and you can stream ‘Rites Of Investiture‘ below.

'The Amulet'. It wouldn't be a Circa Survive cover without some kind of weird, fantastical shit featured would it?

‘The Amulet’. It wouldn’t be a Circa Survive cover without some kind of weird, fantastical shit featured, would it?

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