Hostile Array Release Incendiary New Single, ‘Devoid’

Ignore the awful band name and come listen to their solid new single that is ‘Devoid’. 

What happens when the only two groups that you’re band has been blooded on and are the only bands that you’ve based your entire sound off are Architects and Silent Planet? Well, Hostile Array happens is the answer!

Taking the punchy riffs and flowing grooves of the latter and the atmospheric ambience and melody of the latter, all with vocal cues that borrow equally from Sam Carter and Garret Russell, Hostile Array (formerly known under the moniker My Ransomed Soul – a slightly worse name than their current one) make no qualms about their key, obvious influences. Especially not with their most recent single, ‘Devoid‘.

All musical comparisons to other bands aside, ‘Devoid‘ is a song about the conflicts that have been and continue to be waged around the world in our current 21st century. No line in the song makes that theme clearer than what is the chorus’s key lyric of “All the violence and all the pain, all the nations with ground blood stained/You pray for war, I pray for peace/The lust for hatred will never cease.” Now, whereas ‘Devoid‘ touches on war, the band’s upcoming record is set to tackle as many political issues of the day as a band could cram into an LP, dealing with other topics such as immigration, privacy rights, government influencing the media and even governments and agencies performing unknown human experiments. (Hey, you might as well go the full nine yards, right?)

Until that record drops, check out ‘Devoid‘ below. S’not bad!

Photo credit: Ian J. Bell.

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