Enter Shikari Announce New Album, Drop First Single ‘Live Outside’

New album ‘The Spark’ will be dropping much sooner than you think.

In a Tweet last year, Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds said that due to how fucked up the world had become in 2016, he wished to bring his band’s music to the masses, in some attempt to alleviate the pressure and stress many were feeling or would come to feel. Yet as we all know, the “masses” aren’t always fond of heavy music – in most of its many forms – and perhaps that’s why Shikari’s new music of late has been taking less heavier and more lighter-sounding strides.

Further proof of that sonic shift is the first official single from the group’s forthcoming album ‘The Spark‘, with the recently released ‘Live Outside‘.

Live Outside‘ maintains the band’s drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep elements well-enough while sticking clear of their previous affections for breakdowns, screaming and heavier guitar riffs. Ergo, it has much more in touch with singles like ‘Redshift‘ and their Everything-Everything-meets Muse track, ‘Supercharge‘ than that of the almighty ‘Hoodwinker‘.

With this new track, I know a few people personally who are currently lamenting the English band’s recent poppier shades and decrying that they’ve gone too mainstream. And while I do love – deeply love – the faster, heavier, and quirky sides of Shikari (see the likes of ‘Slipshod‘, ‘Anaesthetist‘, ‘Paddington Frisk‘, ‘There’s A Price On Your Head‘, ‘Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide‘ respectively) I must say that I’m indeed a fan of their latest single. In fact, ‘Live Outside‘ reminds me a lot of a great track from ‘Common Dreads‘ called ‘Wall‘, which much like ‘Live Outside‘, also featured bright and melodic, near-constant in its rhythmic flow, utilised incredibly catchy choruses, all the while carrying a poignant message too.

Of course, Enter Shikari have a very eclectic sound and an overall discography built upon variation, so I expect ‘The Spark‘ to be no different as a whole as they expand their sound even further. So colour me very keen!

Check out the Black Mirror-like, Orwellian film clip – complete with mental indoctrination, thought-suppressing substances, always-watching overlords, and no happy ending – for ‘Live Outside‘ below. Also, I award bonus points to the band for that cheeky eyebrow lift from drummer Rob Rolfe at 1:48.

‘The Spark’ will be arriving much sooner than you think, dropping on September 22nd, and you can pre-order it here. Also, in other Shikari-related news, Reynolds recently guested on the newest Crossfaith single, ‘Freedom’. And you can stream that track over here

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