Stray From The Path Call Out The Alt-Right With New Single

I mean, this is Stray From The Path, after all. I would expect nothing less, really. 

Andrew Bolt’s least favourite hardcore band, Stray From The Path, have this morning dropped some long-awaited news; a new album is coming this year and it will be called ‘Only Death Is Real‘. And there’s also a bouncy new single to go with it, the musically and sonically sick yet kinda cringy titled ‘Goodnight Alt-Right‘.

Musically, this new track is just Stray From The Path doing what they do best; mixing solid instrumentals of tight drum grooves and tasty riffs with the rage-filled lyrics and vehement vocals of Drew York tackling all manner of hotbed political issues of the current day. As such, if you’re more into the recent ‘Anonymous‘ and ‘Subliminal Criminals‘ era of Stray’s career, then this new song should indeed be your latest bop!

STFP’s guitarist and backing vocalist Tom Williams explains where he and the band were coming from with this latest single, saying:

“When Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, was punched on-camera a few months back, it was great to see that he and his hatred were not being tolerated. We were shocked to see that people were actually defending him though. They said he should have freedom of speech. They’re not wrong. People should be able to exercise free speech. Sometimes, the things you say come with consequences. There is enough hate, misery, and division in this country that we don’t need a televised white supremacist saying, ‘This country belongs to white people.’ Bottom line: if you preach hate, expect hate.”

Exactly fucking right – with Freedom of Speech, you can say whatever you want to, but if you start espousing some racist-ass bullshit, then prepare to have some cheek-bruising backlash comin’ your way. And let me be clear; that goes for anyone on either side of the political spectrum. Extremism in any leaning sense is vile.

Now, if any of you want a good, cringe-fueled laugh, be sure to check out the comment sections on the band’s YouTube link. As you might guess, it’s just a political shitstorm of alt-right/right-wing wankers unironically labelling others as “snowflakes” and “SJW’s” without any sense of self-awareness and butthurt fans/left wingers and supposed Antifa members flying off the handle that people don’t share the exact same interests in music and politics that they themselves do.

The music video also has a massive dislike to like ratio, with the dislikes going up and up as we speak. At the time of writing, it’s now just over 1K likes to 4K+ dislikes. Yikes!Also, I saw a couple comments calling out Sumerian Records for the direction and message of this track, which is just as head-scratching a comment as a 6-year-old with lice, to be honest.

Also, I saw a couple comments calling out Sumerian Records for the direction and message of this track, which is just as head-scratching a comment as a 6-year-old with really bad lice, to be honest. Oh, and as for all of the people who are saying that the band are getting more and more mainstream with each new release or that they’re tackling the alt-right now because it’s “trendy”, let me perhaps be the first one to say this: CUNTS, THIS IS WHAT STRAY’S MUSIC AND POLITICS HAVE BEEN ABOUT FOR THE PAST TEN FUCKING YEARS!

However, I do think there is indeed a disparity between talking about a violent alt-right when this music video’s narrative then depicts violence against alt-right members. And let’s be honest, that’s rather hypocritical, isn’t it? Which is something that I would also love to grill the band on in an interview for KYS when that time inevitably comes around.

Anyway, as for the album’s title and the cover artwork’s political connotations of it showing the pieces of a chess board, Williams had this to say in a recent PR statement sent out today:

“The king equals the elite, the queen equals the government, the bishop equals the church, the knight equals the military, the rook equals the police, and the pawn equals the peopleThis was the first time the vision and the theme of the album came before the music. We had the artwork first. We wrote this during a pretty dark and reflective time in our lives. In an age where government has failed, they made us feel as small and as insignificant as ever. In this game, all of the attention is turned onto the people: white versus black, Democrat versus Republican, gay versus straight, or Trump versus no Trump. They know if the fight is within the community. There can be no fight against the establishment.”

Stray’s sixth full-length album will drop on Friday, September 8th via Sumerian Records and UNFD out here in Oz.


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