Real Friends Reveal Their Favourite Australian Bands

Over the next few months on the Australian touring circuit, punters the nation over are about to be delivered an immense amount of pop-punk. We’ve got both Trash Boat and Between You And Me in late August and early September and then homegrown lads With Confidence are touring with Canada’s Seaway and the UK’s WSTR. But before both of those tours kick off, the first pop-punk extravaganza to touch down on our shores will be Real Friends, supported by two upcoming locals, Brissy’s Columbus and Melbourne’s Harbours.

With their tour mere weeks away, I recently got in touch with the Illinois headliners via the tour’s promoter, Destroy All Lines, to ask the pop-punk group what their favourite Aussie bands were of late. They recently responded to me in kind with a small list of their four favourite acts from Down Under. And look, you can probably guess who two of those bands are before even scrolling down below, really. Anyway, in no real particular order, have a look below at which local bands the US group is loving lately: 

With Confidence:

“We toured with them two years ago in Australia. Wow, what a great band! Some of the catchiest songs and the nicest dudes. So great to see them finally getting the recognition they deserve.”

#2 Columbus:

“We also toured with these guys a few years back. We’re so stoked to have them out on the upcoming tour as well. It’s amazing how big of a sound they have with only three members. This is a band that embodies that gritty punk rock sound with still having that catchiness listeners long for.”


“They opened for us in Sydney in 2015. I loved the dynamic of aggression and melody in their songs. Their relatable yet straight forward lyrical content also sticks out to me. A very great band with good things to come. So stoked to have them out on the upcoming tour!”


“They popped up on a Spotify generated playlist of mine and I really connected with their raw sound. It’s hard to pull that off today without it sounding like you’re trying too hard. Ceres has definitely perfected it.”

Amen on the Ceres recommendation there, guys – that band is simply exceptional! Real Friends kick off their Australian tour on July 27th in Brisbane with Harbours and Columbus. Check out the dates below and get your tickets here

Header promo credit: Digital Beard Photography


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