Dregg Join Forces With Backbone Bookings

A match made in heaven, really. 

New South Wales’s Backbone Bookings – lead by directing agent and main man, Gabriel Caques – have recently welcomed Melbourne hardcore weirdos Dregg into their ever-expanding family folds. Which is a very smart decision if I do say so myself.

Now, with the exception of a few live shows this year, Dregg has been rather quiet in 2017. As someone who is on the edge of his seat when it comes to this band, I can only hope that the lull in the band’s activities means that a new EP or a full-length album (dare I dream) are on their ways to be released. And if a new release does come this year, you can be sure that the peeps at Backbone will be getting these groovy Victorian oddballs out to a town near you.

Be sure to stream the band’s most recent banger ‘Weirdo‘ below and then check out their prior jam, ‘Sorry Daddy‘, right over here. Because if Dregg’s future material is anything like those two aforementioned songs, then I’ will be sold hook, line and sinker on them!

For all booking enquiries with Backbone, be sure to hit up Caques on the following email address: gabriel@backbonebookings.com

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