Balloons Kill Babies Get Proggy With ‘Illuzia’

Real talk, ‘Illuzia’ is making us very excited for this new EP from Balloons Kill Babies!

Back in May, we premiered Brisbane instrumentalists Balloons Kill Babies new single at the time, ‘HTFK‘. Ever since we unveiled that mighty fine track, I’ve been watching closely to see what would come next from the Brissy trio and then just yesterday I had my answer with ‘Illuzia‘.

And what a song it is!

Taking more prog ques on this track than their previous darkened, Muse-esque single, ‘Illuzia‘ comes from the trio’s upcoming EP ‘Prodromal‘, which will be available in September 2017 and was record/mixed/mastered by Govinda Doyle.

Directed and filmed by Luke McClean, the music video features actor/dancer Debbie Olcorn waking up in a room covered in plastic, ultimately trapping her in, with the three-piece “playing” through ‘Illuzia‘ in front of her. After failing to escape her confines, Olcorn does the one thing that any sane individual would do at this point; interpretive dance. And so, she fittingly moves her body to the grand yet eerie soundscape that the rock instrumentalists have finely crafted.

Now, as for the song’s name, it may have something to do with the Illuzia philosophy about our world, how we perceive it, and how we need to change certain things for humanity to arrive at that higher evolutionary stage of thought, morals, and reason. Or maybe it was just a cool name for one of their songs, I dunno.

Anyway, you can experience ‘Illuzia‘ below.

Header photo credit: Adrian Goleby

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