Fire In The Radio Channel The Philly Rock Scene With Solid New LP

Fire In The Radio is yet another solid Pennsylvanian act that follows in the footsteps of other State natives like The Menzingers, Beach Slang, and Modern Baseball. And that’s a good thing!

If you took the angst and emotion of bands like Off With Their Heads and The Menzingers, the soulful melodic hooks of The Gaslight Anthem, the honesty of The Wonder Years, and the no-bullshit approach of the sorely underrated Beach Slang, you’d end up with the budding, Philadelphia-based melodic punk outfit, Fire In The Radio.

Fire In The Radio’s latest record is this month’s album solid ‘New Air‘ LP, and their latest single of the same name brilliantly kicks off this record. However, at a glance, some classify this new release as a mere EP, what with it only having seven songs in total. Well, the band have a retort prepared for that. “We could have recorded a ten-song album, but that would have required us to put three shit songs on it which we simply refuse to do”, the quartet cheekily states in a recent press release. And look, you can’t argue with that, not at least since ‘New Air‘ overall is a highly consistent, emotive punk rock listen! (Another standout track here would easily be ‘Drug Life‘, also).

Be sure to check out the rather well-shot video for the LP’s title track – directed by Adam Peditto – just below; forever providing proof that a good, pristine music video can only make an already great tune better.

Oh, and as other outlets have drummed into readers brains by now, yes – if you’re a Jawbreaker fan then this band is sure to make you nostalgic for those New York legends!

Stream Fire In The Radio’s ‘New Air’ record in full right here


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