Superheist Announce Next Release, ‘Raise Hell’

Who knows, I may really like this new Superheist release…

Back in March, I had a great, in-depth chat with Ezekiel Ox, the current singer for Australian rockers, Superheist.

In that interview, Ox and I talked about the last Superheist album, ‘Ghosts Of The Social Dead‘, my negative review of it, the asinine comments that their now former drummer Benny Clarke made following the publication of mine and other outlets reviews, among many other topics of discussion.

Besides all of that, one key thing that Ox said to me was that he hoped I enjoyed or at least checked out the next Superheist release, telling me “…what we’ve done with this new Superheist stuff; you should listen to it, as it’s a real shift. It’s got a new emotion and aggression behind it all. I think that the next stuff is well worth a listen!”

I told the veteran singer that I would indeed be checking their new material out, and honestly saying that if I liked it, I would definitely say as much in reviews and what not.

Well, now that time soon approaches with the following announcement out of da Heist camp earlier today about a new three-track that’s coming soon:

“Here it is Heist fans!!! The RAISE HELL AAA Side release featuring 3 killer new tracks “Raise Hell, Got The Bounce, and Fully Loaded,” Produced and Mixed by dw Norton at the Superheist Studio and set to debut on triple jTHE RACKET next week! Followed straight up by the premier of the brand new video for the single RAISE HELL (stay tuned for where that prem will be)! Buy it on iTunes from Friday the 21st of April. Tour dates to be announced soon! BE WARNED people… this is the biggest, heaviest and fattest offering Superheist has ever produced! Spread the word Heisters!

While I’m sure that there will be another full-length from Superheist later this year or even come 2018, I’ll be most certainly looking out for this three-track release come April 21st and who knows, I may even really dig it as I do like the sound of “the biggest, heaviest and fattest offering Superheist has ever produced”. Of course, judging by the output found on their previous record, I also may loathe it. But you’ll be sure to read about it one way or another before this month is out.

Until then, keep your eyes focused on The Racket next week for the premiere of the band’s newest single, and now I play the waiting game…


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