Grenadiers Return With ‘Suburban Life’

Adelaide real-deal rockers Grenadiers get back in business with new single, ‘Suburban Life’. 

You know how a lot of people would like to (wrongly) inform you that Australian rock music is dead. Well, A) fuck those people and B) please show them ‘Suburban Life‘, the new rocking single from Grenadiers‘ upcoming third album, when they pipe up.

Just like the trio’s previous output, this newie is all about driving guitars, brisk tempo, and whiskey-soaked vocal growls maintaining the song’s gritty pace. The track also comes with a speedy film clip that premiered over at The Music last week and was perhaps rather fittingly filmed over at the Gillman Speedway in the band’s local Adelaide.

Frontman and all-around solid bloke Jesse Coulter said in a press release that there was a very fast turn around between choosing this particular track as a single, shooting the clip, and then getting it out into the world, saying:

“For the video, a guy called Dave from the Speedway was kind enough lend us the location if we covered the power bill.” He said, “We shot the thing over the space of a few hours, there’s nothing around there except the city’s main rubbish tip and a bunch of metalworks factories so it’s a bit like something from the old game Full Throttle [love that reference].We got some cars kicking up some dust while we played, taking in the rich aroma of festering rubbish from the nearby tip, petrol and a whole lot of bug spray (you wouldn’t believe how many insects you get under the lights at a place like that).”

No, we can imagine, actually!

This lo-fi music video – which really looks like it was ripped straight from the 1980’s – can be watched below.

But wait, there’s more! Grenadiers are hitting the road next Month. Suss the dates out below for some good old fashioned rock n’ roll. 

A3 poster


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