Ladies & Gentleman, Please Meet: Skorched

Meet the most nu-metal band that Melbourne has going for itself that isn’t Alpha Wolf, Dregg or Ocean Grove; local newcomers, Skorched. 

Yesterday, former Jack The Stripper guitarist, Adam Harris, hit me up over email about this new Melbourne band that he is currently working with, a hardcore/nu-metal group called Skorched.

Skorched is still in their testosterone-filled infancy, with the band forming back in 2016. As far as I can tell, the main goals of this outfit seemingly set to be:

  • Have fun with any and everything that they do.
  • Take the piss a little bit.
  • Play heavy, nu-metal inspired hardcore all day, every day and,
  • Be as cliche as possible.

Mission statements aside, this somewhat piss-taking, nu-metal worship quintet has come together from several other Melbourne-based bands, though I couldn’t find out precisely which bands. When asked directly who the members were and what bands they’ve come from, Harris remained tight-lipped about the member’s respective identities and the previous pedigree of the members. As such, the group will be keeping everything about themselves anonymous at this point. They plan to upkeep this secrecy by wearing hockey masks and your typical macho, hardcore band outfits in their photo promos, music videos, as well as live performances.

On their Facebook page bio, the band members are listed as; AAx, ABx, ACx, ADx, and AEx. Yep, I have no fucking clue what any of that means, just like you probably.


They say the eyes are the window to the soul…

Admittedly, when I first saw the hockey masks, I did think to myself that maybe, just maybe Adam Harris himself was in the band (after all, he would occasionally wear masks when playing Jack The Stripper and Confession sets) or hell, even Dregg/Ocean Grove guitarist, Matt Henley, was also included in this project. I mean, he’s not in the band I’m told, but it did seem like his bread and butter, though.

The band’s debut release, the recently released single/film clip ‘Beast In Me‘, represents exactly what this band is all about; angry, Stray From The Path-inspired vocals paired with Emmure-like riffs and tight, bouncy drum grooves, as well as a hint of Korn thrown in towards the song’s end. And you can check it out below!

Just don’t take it too seriously, yeah?

You know, Skorched are kind of like the non-religious, underground, nu-metal/hardcore version of Ghost, as fucking weird as that sounds.

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