’s Album Of The Year Poll 2016 – Results

The winner of our 2016 Album Of The Year poll, as voted by all of you – the readers – is Architects for their latest and greatest album, ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us‘.

From the word ‘go’ the UK band were leading the charge in the poll, and have been way out in front for the past two weeks, ahead of other highly voted albums like PUP’sThe Dream Is Over‘ and ‘Chemical Miracle‘ by Australia’s very own Trophy Eyes. And considering just how damned good ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us‘ is – a record that was able to best its superb predecessor, 2014’s ‘Lost Forever/Lost Together‘ – that was no real surprise, however. This album, the band’s seventh overall, was also the last Architects release to feature guitarist and main songwriter Tom Searle, who passed away on August 20th after sadly losing his three-year battle with skin cancer.

In our initial review of the album back in May, in which we scored the album a perfect 100/100, we said that this record “is perhaps the greatest example of perfection in today’s modern metal scene”, and that this is for fans of “Amazing music, Albums of the Year, and pure musical bliss”. Totally not over the top, right?

(You can read the full review of the album here.)

Now, of course, this post is not just about Architects and their seventh album, and as such, you can see which Australian, international and overall releases were voted into the top ten spots for their respective categories just below.

Australian Top Ten:

  1. Trophy Eyes – ‘Chemical Miracle’
  2. Polaris – ‘The Guilt & The Grief’
  3. Hands Like Houses – ‘Dissonants’
  4. Hellions – ‘Opera Oblivia’
  5. Foxblood – ‘The Devil, The Dark & The Rain’
  6. Rebirth – ‘Crucible’
  7. Broken – ‘Worldwide’
  8. Chasing Ghosts – ‘I Am Jimmy Kyle’
  9. Violent Soho – ‘WACO’
  10. Luca Brasi – ‘If This Is All We’re Going To Be’

International Top Ten:

  1. Architects – ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’
  2. PUP – ‘The Dream Is Over’
  3. Every Time I Die – ‘Low Teens’
  4. Letlive. – ‘If I’m The Devil…’
  5. Norma Jean – ‘Polar Similar’
  6. All Human – ‘Teenagers, You Don’t Have To Die
  7. Touche Amore – ‘Stage Four’
  8. Basement – ‘Promise Everything’
  9. Blink-182 – ‘California’
  10. A Day To Remember – ‘Bad Vibrations’

Overall Top Ten:

  1. Architects – ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’
  2. Trophy Eyes – ‘Chemical Miracle’
  3. Polaris -‘The Guilt & The Grief’
  4. PUP – ‘The Dream Is Over’
  5. Every Time I Die – ‘Low Teens’
  6. Hands Like Houses – ‘Dissonants’
  7. Letlive. – ‘If I’m The Devil…’
  8. Hellions – ‘Opera Oblivia’
  9. Foxblood – ‘The Devil, The Dark & The Rain’
  10. Norma Jean – ‘Polar Similar’

Big congratulations to all of the above for some strong effort from their respective fan bases. Here’s to all of the great (and the terrible) releases that we’ll be hearing in 2017!

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  1. shitters

    Arcs were deserved winners. Stoked on trophy eyes getting rated so highly too. Where are deserved ARIA winners TAA? Awaiting a tweet from joel asking to be excluded from future KYS polls.

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