Dregg Are The Ringleaders Of The Local Scene With ‘Weirdo’

In the first interview I did with Melbourne’s Dregg, I asked what was written on drummer James Heath’s snare drum as seen in the ‘Sorry Daddy‘ film clip. The response I got from the band was “I guess I’ll answer that with another question. “What do you know about being a fucking weirdo?””

Well, we now know just how fucking weird this band can be, with the release of their new equally heavy and groovy banger, ‘Weirdo‘ and it’s quite frankly insane music video.

And seriously…just where the fuck do you even start with this film clip? From using a small chunk of Tiny Tim’s Tiptoe Through the Tulips‘, hypnotising an old lady, The Jason Voorhees mask, the yo-yo tricks, drumming with a dildo, air guitar, the return of the Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian cut out masks, the equivalent of an adult male truffle shuffle; there’s a lot to take in for this shall we say, “layered” film clip. I mean, Jesus Christ, I feel like I’ve just described the next Jackass movie.

I must say that my favourite part was the look of sheer terror on the face of bassist Glenn Romano right around the 1:49 mark due to the close proximity of another man’s junk coming in hot.

Weirdo‘ was tracked, mixed and mastered by Jamie Marinos & Lance Perc over at Half Moon Studios (who are rightfully getting a lot of work as of late) and the music video was filmed by one Jack Rudder.

I will now resume to count down the days until Dregg drops their next release. 

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