Whoretopsy Have Gig Cancelled Because Of Their Lyrical Content

Melbourne’s Whoretopsy recently had one of their shows cancelled, and after some rumors and some confusion, the band revealed that it was because of their lyrical content.

So here’s the skinny. On December 3rd, the death metal outfit was going to be playing The Tote in Melbourne, which would also act as a farewell show for vocalist Storma, who was moving on from the band. The rest of the night’s bill would have included ColossvsHollow WorldZeolite, and Cryptic Abyss. However, due to a very vocal set of “certain individuals that regularly attend the venue” not wanting content like the band’s music performed there, they pressured the venue’s staff to cancel the show. Which is where we find ourselves now.

Of course, if you didn’t know, this band has some truly ridiculous and some pretty fucked up lyrics in their songs, to say the least. However, like most metal music, it isn’t anecdotal, it isn’t real, and nor should it be taken seriously. Take their most recent track, ‘White Men Can’t Blump‘ (found below) and the song’s first batch of lyrics:

“Oh No” Keithy flopped his knob away mid stream. Massive wet patch on his chinos. Pissed as a mute down at the Workers Club. In the uni sex dunnies of all places. In walk some ladies, they see said ‘patch’. Keithy staggers back into the cubicle as they point and fucken laugh at him. “Nah I’m just a little sweaty.” Gesturing towards his groin. Full of shame, locks the door.


Or if you want more, then check out ‘Never Tear Us Apart‘ and it’s stupendously graphic lyrics:

Kate’s been cheating on her husband with some cunt from work.

Ben can see through her lies and knows that something’s not right,

She always smells of cool water and has a headache every damn night.

Ben has had a gut full, private investigators are hired to help. Quickly they discover that his missus is unfaithful.

Ben organizes a romantic evening for three.

“Katey poo you’re home! I have a present waiting, I know you’ll love it”.

Covering her eyes, he leaders her into their dingy basement.

“Surprise!” Kate’s lover is cut in half, alive but barely conscious. “Fucking hell, what have you done?


Yet as the band said in a recent statement, “Our music is all in the name of satire, we do not condone violence against anyone and we have never had a violent incident at a show of ours.”

While I do dispute that very last part about them never having a violent incident at their shows, I would’ve thought that anyone could see that these lyrics were just satirical and silly by nature. Then again, I didn’t think that an Australian metal band would have one of their shows cancelled in Australia, no less, by a handful of offended people – people who maybe wouldn’t have gone to the show any fucking way!

Now, look, I don’t particularly like Whoretopsy’s music – they’re not a bad band, either – but man, that is some arrogant bullshit to be so full of one’s self that you try to impose when and where certain bands can and cannot play. And all because you don’t like their name, their sound or lyrics or all of the above, no less.

I’m not that big of a fan but I’m behind you on this one, lads. I also expect the Tote to receive some…”passionate” messages from punters because of this fiasco.

Whoretopsy is currently in Europe touring right now and will be rescheduling a farewell show for Storma sometime early next year to give him a proper send-off. You can read the full statement from the band on the matter below.

You can read the full statement from the band on the matter below.


We have seen since the show cancellation there are a lot of rumours and assumptions of why it was cancelled so we thought we would address the situation.

The show was 100% cancelled due to censorship because certain individuals that regularly attend the venue did not want music with our content played which they then pressured the staff at the venue to cancel the event.

Our music is all in the name of satire, we do not condone violence against anyone and we have never had a violent incident at a show of ours.
All of our lyrics are told in a 3rd person manner and are just stories.. just like a horror movie/horror books are all just fiction, stories that aren’t meant to be taken seriously and are just for shock horror and entertainment value which the entire metal community understands.

Its absolutely absurd to think that somebody could listen to a song with graphic lyrics and then be influenced by that to go commit such atrocities, which we are yet to see an incident like that in the Death Metal scene at all.. ever.

Regarding the venue we do not want to start a feud or boycott the venue, this whole situation was handled poorly and unfortunately we were the ones who come out very disappointed and the same with our fans who were attending the show.
The venue has agreed to cover Amoeba Quake Events promotional costs and we don’t think our friends bands and other bands who weren’t involved should have to suffer people not coming to their shows just because of this incident… so if bands are playing there that you like then please still support them.

Thank you everybody for your support and help through this, we will be back slamming stages in Australia next year.”

If you had tickets to that show, and haven’t been already been automatically refunded for it, then please contact Oztix ASAP to get your cash monies back.

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    • Alex Sievers

      People that actually act on and endorse that culture, like those male relationship advice speakers that tell the desperate sods out there to physically attack women to get their way, or groups like the Return Of Kings are indeed guilty of that. But I disagree that these guys, a small death metal band from Melbourne, Australia in the grand scheme of things, are promoting rape culture. If anything their promoting satirical, brutal metal music and stupid as fuck, trashy lyrics as they are massive piss-takers. They are also a band that does not act on or condone said lyrics, as they have stated many times now.

      Of course, with a name like Whoretopsy and with lyrical content such as theirs, this was probably bound to happen eventually, and I assume they were aware of that. But oddly enough, this was at a venue that the band has played at before. And sure, this was a business decision for The Tote as a venue and as a business, but where do you we draw the line with things like this?

      Do we remove all of the physical and digital copies of Thy Art Is Murder’s Infinite Death EP for its lyrical content because some don’t like it? Do we stop Steel Panther from playing here because they sing about sleeping with women and objectifying the female body in their songs and some people get offended? I mean, shit, I remember seeing online petitions going up a few years ago to try and have Tyler, The Creator banned from playing here because of his own lyrical content (which I think were successful in getting the tour stopped or at least getting it postponed). Now, I don’t like Tyler, The Creator’s music, nor am I big on Whoretopsy’s music either, but dictating your own beliefs and morals over others for what art they choose to enjoy or engage with – art that you yourself don’t like or don’t agree with – is indeed “some arrogant bullshit”.

      Becuase if you listen to music with dark, disturbing and/or graphic lyrical content and you think to yourself “Yes. Yes, this is a good idea. I should go out and actually do this”, then that says more about you than it does the actual art.


  1. brendan

    Just one abhorrent example.

    “Lawrence & Associates 1997, end of year breakup. Claude gets the courage to approach Catherine from accounts.
    Awkwardly, he says hello, feeling very threatened and self-conscious.
    He distracts her and slips GHB into her champagne.

    She becomes weak and feels very nauseous. He comforts her and leads her to the stairwell.
    Catherine falls onto the concrete stairs. Clause quickly swoops in behind her. His penis weeps.

    He whips down her pants, he peels apart her little, white butt cheeks,
    delighted at the sight of mild yellowing from a little poo she had done before straightening her hair for the party.
    Claude buries his face deep, inhaling her rich musk.

    He sniffs her for six minutes and ejaculates on the cold floor. He pecks her on the cheeks.
    “Thank you so much, sleepy head.” The stairs are wiped clean with his hankie.
    Claude then screams, “Catherine has just collapsed!
    Please help her.” No one suspects Claude and he gets away with it.”

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