Here’s The Lineup For Hardcore 2016

Oh, yes, it’s back.

The Hardcore 2016 lineup is here and it features a whole host of local talent from the Australian hardcore scene, featuring Relentless (pictured), Vices, Miles Away, Born Free, among many others.

Presented by Resist Records, this mini-fest goes across two days – 7:00pm Friday, November 25th and 5:00pm Saturday, November 26th – at the Bald Faced Stag in Sydney. It’s $25 for the first day and $30 for the second day, which makes sense – there are a few more bands playing on day two. So if you plan on hitting up Hardcore 2016, or are maybe planning a big Sydney bender come late November, you should grab your tickets for either one or both shows here to increase the good times.

However, I must say, as far as this lineup goes, there’s currently a lack of any international acts and those classic, old-guard bands that the event has usually offered up in the past, like Bane and Youth Of Today. Now, that is far from a deal breaker for yours truly, and not that a lineup consisting solely of national acts is a bad thing – on the contrary, we have some damn good hardcore bands and many of them are playing this show – but with only Australian bands on the bills, it’s quite a noticeable difference this year.

Here’s hoping that Expire can hopefully stick around after their headline tour and provide a solid special appearance…fingers crossed.

Day one lineup:

  • Relentless
  • Vices
  • Born Free
  • Choke
  • Year Of The Rat

Day two lineup:

  • Miles Away
  • Cursed Earth
  • Rebirth
  • Reactions
  • Nerve Damage
  • Level
  • Homesick


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