In Hearts Wake Fan Put In Headlock By Warped Tour Security Guard

A video has recently emerged of a security guard getting very physical with an In Hearts Wake fan during one of the band’s recent Warped Tour sets.

Halfway through their song ‘Healer‘, the band pauses their set make sure that shit doesn’t get more out of hand when a guard begins to choke out an audience member. You can watch fan footage of the incident from the Dallas, Texas date below.

While I’m sure that those punters near the fan could observe what was going on, they aren’t the ones up on stage with microphones and the ability to alert the crowd, security and crew to what’s going on down in front. So big fucking kudos to vocalist Jake Taylor and the rest of In Hearts Wake for taking note of what was happening, stopping their set and calling out the security guards actions. If this altercation hadn’t been noticed right away, who knows what could have happened.

However, there is one crucial thing to remember here. No other fan-shot video has surfaced online just yet to indicate what initially caused the security guard to act the way he did, and the perspective of this video doesn’t show everything one hundred percent clearly either.

Who knows, maybe the guard was defending himself from the fan and sadly overreacted?

Or maybe the guard was just being a total dickhead for no reason?

Either way, we’ll definitely need more footage and details about this situation before a full verdict can be reached on what has exactly gone down here.

[Update]: In Hearts Wake commented on this incident just before, saying that:

“Security guards are 99.9% helpful but it disgusted us to witness the 0.1% at Warped Tour in Dallas who was built like ‘Duke Nukem’ restrain and choke a fan in the crowd for ‘moving towards the barrier’. His head was literally turning blue and all we could read on his lips were ‘I can’t breathe’. It was completely unnecessary, we did our best to intervene, pulling on his arm to try allow air in whilst every other guard just stood back. If you’re a security guard reading this you need to understand that this is a metal show, not a UFC death match. And if you’re in the mosh enjoy yourself and be respectful but you also need to be aware of the consequences – which shouldn’t be the possibility of being put into submission to the point of unconsciousness. Please take care and look out for one other. If anyone else has any videos or photos please let us know so we can help find justice – IHW / Jake”

Also, a second video has just been released fully showing the fan and security guard, but not giving us any new info on the why. Have a look below.

On top of that, Taylor did recently Tweet for anyone who had it to upload footage of the security guards actions, stating that “It’sMetal not UFC. You will be found”.


Also. Yes, Taylor does call the security guard a ‘Desmond’ at one point in the video. That is Australian as fuck.

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