New alternative club, Your Local, opening in Melbourne

With many clubs located right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, travelling for a night out sometimes sucks, usually if you live in the suburbs, and usually if that suburb is located somewhere at the end of a respective train line.

So, if it’s too much of a stretch going all the way into town (that hip pocket concern is real), then our South Eastern suburbs readers will have a new place to kick it – Your Local.

The new alternative music venue, which launches on June 2nd, will run every Thursday at The Irish in Knox City (right next to Village Cinemas), and will include not only live bands, but DJ’s spinning both new and classic punk, rock, hardcore and metal tunes. If you’re a DJ or in a band and you want to play at Your Local then hit the organisers up through the following email address and see what’s what –

You can find out further details via the club’s Facebook page.

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