A Night In Texas part ways with Rheese Peters

Rheese Peters, the voice of Brisbane unholy metal outfit A Night In Texas, has left the local group.

While it is unclear as to why the musician and the extreme metal band split, the band did state, in a (brief) post, that they have it under control, commenting, “Relax guys, we got this”.

You can read the full statement in all of its short glory below.

“Rheese Peters is no longer a member of A Night In Texas.

Not to be concerned, we DO already have an amazing new vocalist that we’ve recorded new music with.

Faster, heavier & darker than ever.

More information regarding this soon.

– A Night In Texas”

Well, we know that Thy Art Is Murder are probably looking for a full-time singer. Probably.

2 Responses to “A Night In Texas part ways with Rheese Peters”

  1. Shitbread

    “While it is unclear as to why the musician and the extreme metal band split”

    Here’s some clarity. He’s a fucking nutcase egocentric sociopath who threatened to stab one of our members with a sword in Sydney once because he got yelled at for not helping move gear. He was given 10+ chances to change his attitude. He quit the band like 4 times and would then get sad and want to rejoin. He’s unstable and a backstabbing little shit. He will wreck any band he joins from here.

    Good singer, shit dude.

  2. Alex Sievers Alex Sievers

    Honestly, I had heard some of those stories, but didn’t want to include them as I wasn’t sure how much credit they had to them.

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