Guttermouth call out former drummer over crowd-funding controversy

Guttermouth have recently put a call out to their fans to NOT support their former drummer, who is pulling a dodgy one on the fan-base via a GoFundMe page.

The now former time-keeper, Alex Flamsteed (which is a great name for a drummer) has set up a GoFundMe page for his new reality TV show, Rubbish Heap, which is directed by Jackass’s Bam Margera, in which they would film the current Guttermouth tour in the States with the help of crowd-funding. A promo video for the show can be found here. However, the Californian punk rockers warned fans of the shady dealings going on yesterday via social media with the following post:

As a band we want to clear something up. We have decided to part ways with our drummer for the past few years. He is advertising a go fund me page saying he is filming our current U.S. Tour on a tour bus and needs money to support this. We are in a van, with no film crew and he is no longer part of Guttermouth. We do not want anyone who follows our band to spend their hard earned money on something that we are not a part of in anyway. He never told us he was doing a go fund me campaign using our band name for his personal gains.

In response to the band’s post, Flamsteed himself made a few comments online regarding the situation, explaining his point of view.

Just to clear the rumors, posts and everything up. Yes I have split Guttermouth. I had to make a decision between Guttermouth and my TV career. Its a shitty position having to go one way or the other but the reality is Guttermouth is at the end of its career and i’m only just starting mine. They have been amazing to be over the years and I can’t say a bad thing about them really. I admit I kinda fucked them by bailing with the tour bus but there is no way they were going to pay for it. I paid for 100% of the bus and they were getting a free ride the whole tour. I’m sorry but I need to use the bus and fill it with film crew and get some epic footage. So its a tough goodby to Guttermouth but at the same time i’m 100% focusing on filming my new show which is directed by my good friend Bam Margera. Updates soon!!!

And in response to that, the band elaborated further on what was going on at a ground level with the tour:

We are OK with being washed up. We are not comfortable being on a bus for a “TV show” when the bus driver threatens to pull the plug every day because no “sponsor” money has dropped and there is no film crew to film the show. We are a punk band and not interested in scamming people for money to just party on a bus.

Damn, that is one messy situation. Anyway…while all that blows over, check out a classic tune of theirs below.

PC: Jen Reightley 


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