Heart In Hand dealing with post-break up issues

Despite breaking up earlier this year, the U.K.’s Heart In Hand are now dealing with the accusations recently flung at their singer, Charlie Holmes.

The band shared a link on social media today to a personal blog by SIG DIY, which has the DIY label talking about the accusations of sexual misconduct with minors by Holmes [pictured left] and why they didn’t book the band for the Liferuiner tour earlier this year (that was cancelled because of the break up).

You can read through the short blog here.

While the band nor the singer himself haven’t come out and made any official announcements yet, it seems that interpersonal issues between Holmes and the remaining members have been struggling for a while now. As one fan asked the following on their Facebook post, “So do we get an official statement from the band, or indeed Charlie, on this at all?“. The band’s response? “Charlie has been completely silent to all of us since way before we split.” Well, that could explain the split…

Of course, the band could be merely sharing this to spite the singer, who has not been arrested for these allegations, and who has had no evidence brought forward to show any form of misconduct. Or it could be all true, but that level of doubt or ambiguity makes this situation particularly difficult and delicate, like all sexual assault/misconduct allegations.

The melodic hardcore outift broke up on Valentine’s Day this year (rather fittingly, considering the subject matter of their lyrics). Their last album was 2014’s ‘A Beautiful White‘.

Despite all of this though, the band seem to be moving on with their music, as guitarist Ollie Wilson has shared a new demo from the remaining members on his Soundcloud, and you can check it out below.

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