Make Do And Mend stream new song

Make Do And Mend have recently streamed their brand new song, ‘Don’t Be Long‘.

The US post-hardcore quartet’s new song is the title track from their forthcoming album.

Don’t Be Long‘ is due out late February 2015 through Rise Records.

Singer/guitarist James Carroll recently spoke with US publication Noisey about the new record, saying, “There’s really no firm reason why we decided to be so low key about it, but a real drive behind making the record was that we spent so many years following this formula for what you do when you record an album. You know—you record a record and somebody has to bring a video camera into the studio so you can be shooting all kinds of cool little outtakes so when you announce the record three, four, five months later you’ve got all this ammo to show you’ve been doing all these cool little things to really get people excited and I don’t know know… our true love is writing music and releasing that music and getting to play shows, and—at least for me personally—all that other stuff has always just felt like filler, like details, and I’ve never had much patience for it“.

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