It seems that bands throughout the Australian heavy music scene are beginning to redefine themselves, and arguably for the better. Stories, Ocean Grove, Fresh Nelson, Stepson are all prime examples of this trend. Now you can add one more band to that list: Melbourne’s Glorified. The group recently gave audiences a taste of what their new sound will entail while supporting Prepared Like A Bride and Hand Of Mercy on the ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ tour. This week, spoke with guitarist Tom Beale and vocalist Chris Millward about where Glorified is heading in 2015.

I caught you guys supporting Prepared Like A Bride and Hand Of Mercy, and I was really blown away by the new sound you guys have, in a good way. Where does this new direction stem from for you? 

Tom: It’s just something that we’ve always wanted to do, and now that we have a vocalist with such a diverse range, we’re sort of able to write how we’ve always wanted.

With the vocals, I noticed that Chris’s vocals have changed quite a bit, not for worse mind you, but did that impact the change in sound?

Tom: We weren’t really happy with our last EP and how his vocals fit on that as it was written before Chris joined the band, and Chris and I wrote this one together. The change in vocal style isn’t because he can’t scream or anything like that [though].

One of the songs you played live was called ‘No Heroes’ and it has a bit of an Enter Shikari/Hacktivist vibe to it, was that what you were going for?

Tom: Yeah, Enter Shikari but not really Hacktivist, as I don’t listen to them all that much. We like Enter Shikari, and they’re a big influence to our new stuff. Chris, how do you feel?

Chris: It wasn’t really about trying to sound like Enter Shikari, I just like that vocal style. It’s more technical and it’s really fun to do live and write complex lyrics to. You can do more with it than straight up screaming, and I think it comes off really well.

Yeah dudes, I think it comes off really well too. With the last EP, was it just over time you became less fond of it?

Chris: Yeah, it’s just more fun now. The new songs are more diverse and it gives off a more varied experience for the crowd to get involved with.

Tom: With playing live, tempo’s better, it’s rockier and more fast-paced and you can bounce around.

Chris: It’s more energetic I’d say.

Right on, I can tell you dudes were more into the new songs when you played. With Set Me Alight, are you nervous as to what people will think about it?

Chris: I am petrified, personally. But I’m easily petrified as I’m a scared person (laughs). It’s a little more of what we wanted to do, so I hope that it’s received well. It’s not ridiculously different, as it does ease you in, but it’s not as heavy as what we’ve done in the past. It’s a good listen.

Tom: Our mums have enjoyed it more than our other stuff, which is promising (laughs).

Chris: “I can understand some of the words, its okay!” (laughs).

(Laughs), when do you think we can see this new release?

Tom: We honestly can’t tell you as we haven’t decided that ourselves yet.

Chris: It’s being worked on now, and hopefully by the end of the year we’ll have everything out, but it is done, we promise.

I remember an interview that Make Them Suffer did a while ago, and they said they had wished ‘Old Souls’ hadn’t taken such a long time to come out. Do you guys wish the same in this case and how long have you been working on this?

Chris: It’s been 18 months since we last released music, so about a year and a half or so.

Tom: We would have loved for it to come out earlier so we didn’t have to miss out on tour opportunities like we did at the start of the year. But we are happy that we have waited and finished it.

Chris: Yeah, I’m glad that we took the time to refine the product and get the right people involved with it. We’ve come out with a better product and what we actually want and not something that we’d rush and not be happy to it.

It’s always better in life to never half-arse anything. This next one’s a weird one so bare with me. A lot of bands in the local scene are changing up their sound, yourselves, Ocean Grove, Stepson, and of course Stories, and it seems that a lot of bands that started out in that progressive, metalcore/post-hardcore genre are now moving away from it. What are your thoughts on that?

Tom: I think it’s really good, bands trying to be different, and are trying something more interesting. Stories and Ocean Grove are doing that really well.

Chris: It’s nice to have an identity. If you’re known for a unique element of your music, then that’s really positive and it’s shows you’re more about what you are then what you’re tying to seem, so I like it.

Sick, and I like it too. What would you say to people who would think that the band has changed too much, that you should change the name, that you’re “selling out”?

Tom: Shush! (Laughs)

Chris (laughs) We’re the same people, it’s just that we’re now writing music that we like better, as far as we’re concerned, it’s what we wanna do.

Tom: This is also the first release that Chris has had a major contribution on, and more of his influence on it. He can sing, and he does, and he pushes the boundaries and he helps to keep it more creative.

Good to hear. Finally, Chris, do you ever feel left out that you’re the only one in the band who doesn’t have a brother in the group?  

Tom: Oh, we let him know 24/7. He’s the weakest and the smallest and we let him know about it constantly.

Chris: They say all these things, but they’re really just fighting for my affection and I’m trying to decide which family I wish to be taken in by. With Tom’s comments lately, I’m leaning towards the Powell side (laughs).

(Laughs) Nice, nice guys. Well with that, we’ll end it there, keep it short and sweet. Thanks so much for your tome tonight guys.

Chris: No worries man, thanks.

Tom: Hey, thank for your time too man.



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