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Local upstarts Void Of Vision are already making the most of their infancy as a band. This week, the Melbourne based outfit unveil their new EP, ‘Broken // Bones’. On the eve of release we chat with the group about the last 12 months, the upcoming support slot on Hand of Mercy’s ‘Resolve’ tour and plans for 2015.

Hi guys, Kane from KYS. Thanks for taking the time for an interview.

No worries at all. Thanks for having us.

As an easy starting point, how has 2014 been so far for the band? A busy year, I imagine.

Jack: 2014 has been phenomenal so far for us all. We had no idea we’d be embarking across the country this early in our career, let alone receiving as much recognition as we have for it. Super grateful for every opportunity that has come our way thus far.

Matt: After starting this band only last year I am completely blown away with what we have been able to accomplish in such a small space of time. Playing gigs with bands that I grew up listening to and admiring is such a humbling experience. This year has been so much more immensely busy then we would have ever thought but we are loving every single moment of it.

As you touched on, you guys are still in your infancy as a band, but it’s usually this period that is sink or swim for most groups. How have you found being in a touring, recording band so far?

Jack: We’ve been approaching everything very carefully, trying to not get ourselves in too deep, which I feel has worked to our advantage. Being in a touring, recording band has already influenced each of our individual lives so much. It has been pretty full on so far, impacting our financial/social lives a lot more than we originally would’ve thought. But we’ve definitely come to find the hard work and time sacrificed is so worth it.

We’re looking forward to presenting the upcoming Hand of Mercy shows. The support slot will provide good exposure. What do you hope to achieve from the run of shows?

Jack: From these shows we want to get out to a fan base in other states that we haven’t reached yet, so we can continue introducing ourselves to the country and start slowly building on the solid fan bases all over the joint.

The other main topic of conversation is the debut EP. How was the experience creating the release?

Jack: Creating this release was equally as rewarding as frustrating. The recording process developed us as musicians and band-mates as the chemistry between us grew even stronger than before. We sat on these tracks for a while, developing them to the best of our ability so we can put out a debut release that we are super proud of.

Matt: Being able to record our first ever EP was definitely an experience that tested us in many ways. Recording with Beau Mckee was fantastic, such an amazing guy with even better ideas. Seeing Beau pour his heart and soul into this release as much as we did was incredible. Also working with Josh Schroeder who is such a talented producer was also fantastic. Having Josh mix our EP knowing he had previously mixed the likes of In Hearts Wake, For the Fallen Dreams and The Color Morale made us very confident that this release would sound as good as it possibly could be.

What are you hoping listeners can take away from it?

Jack: Amongst the negativity shrouding the bulk of the release, there is a positive message written for listeners to take out of this. I may have written this EP based on my individual experiences in my life but during the writing process I came to find how common these experiences really are all around me. I wanted to get across the fact that even when things are at their worst, there should never be a reason to give up on yourself. I feel debuting the release on this upcoming tour has worked great with timing. A lot of the kids attending these shows on the tour will be completing/completed their final schooling year, about to step out to a very confronting world, faced with so many decisions and obstacles that they have most likely not encountered in their lives as of yet. It’s a daunting experience leaving school and being bombarded with a lot of new experiences all in such a short space of time. If anything, I want these kids to be rest assured that sure, it’s not going to be easy, but you CAN get through it all. Discover yourself and make this journey yours to mould, because nobody or nothing should have to stand in the way of that for you.

Social media has made it significantly more convenient for up and coming bands. You can put a track online and watch it be shared and re-tweeted, and subsequently go viral very quickly. How have you found the marketing and promo aspects?

Matt: Social media makes it so much easier for any artist to get their music out into the open. Although at the same time it also makes it a lot harder to have our content reach the largest audience possible since the market is so saturated. Learning the most effective way to use each social media platform is a challenge that takes a lot of time to master, especially with Facebook and how that whole audience reaching system works. It’s amazing how quickly something can viral though if a few other bands and friends rally behind a release and support one another. It’s a fantastic time to be in a young and upcoming band with so many tools at our disposal.

How are you finding handling outside commitments (work, study etc.) with band obligations? What’s the time management like currently?

Matt: Currently we are in the awkward stage where our band commitments are slowly starting to outweigh our current work/study commitments. Although at the same time we can’t afford to work less as the band isn’t self sufficient enough to allow that to happen. So it’s a crazy period at the moment of just working all the time to put everything we have into this band to give it every possible chance of succeeding. It’s definitely worth all the long shifts and overtime when you get to play a gig that makes us realise how lucky we are. Holding down a full time job or study can be extremely tough especially when you always need time off for touring/gigs etc.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made and subsequently learnt from so far?

Matt: For me, the biggest mistake I have made and learnt from this band is learning how to keep healthy and eat well on and off tour. It’s so easy to get caught up in band habits of eating whatever is easiest and just being lazy in between tours especially if working a desk job. Keeping on top of both your physical and mental health is such a major aspect especially leading up to a tour. Being unfit and eating badly and being in a bad mindset along with long overnight drives on tour with no sleep and being stressed is just asking for trouble and does a lot of harm.

Jack: I think collectively – not really as much as a mistake as an obstacle – was the mutual decision for James (our guitarist) to sit out the rest of the year from live shows, [and] continuing as a four piece. Due to his personal commitments, which we fully support him with, he unfortunately won’t be appearing on tour. It’s been just as hard preparing everything as a four piece as it is to be without a band member, but we’ve definitely taken this as a huge learning curve for the future.

In a perfect world, where would you like Void of Vision to be in 12 months time?

Matt: In a perfect world I would love to see us tour the country extensively over the next year and cover as much territory as possible in our country in support of our EP. Hopefully in 12 months time we may even have another release and have it distributed on a wider scale than what we are limited to at the moment. Or to even be signed by an overseas label of any sort would be incredible for us.

Who are some of your fellow peers that are doing good things in the local music scene?

Jack: Could go off on a tangent here and list a bunch of friend’s bands names, but I think for all of us, the first band that comes to mind is Pridelands. We’ve known these guys for just over a year now and they’re already some of our closest friends. Recently having all moved to Melbourne from Mt. Gambier, you can expect to see their name around a lot more. Ridiculously talented bunch of dudes with a heap of cool shit coming up soon. We love those dudes to death and will support anything and everything they do, and so should you.

Just a quick final one: What have been your favourite albums of 2014?

Matt: Disgusting – Beartooth

Jack: What’s Left Of Me – More Than Life

James: Everchanger – Invent Animate

Mitch: The Concrete Flower -No Bragging Rights

George: How We Both Wondrously Perish – Being As An Ocean


Void of Vision tour with Hand of Mercy and Hellions as part of the ‘Resolve’ tour this November. Dates and details here.

‘Broken // Bones’ will be available for purchase via Bandcamp from this Thursday night.

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