Album Of The Year Poll 2016

Well, here we are once more, folks; the end of another year. Which means that we here at as well as yourselves have just spent the past year or so listening to countless releases that came out within the arbitrary flow of time that was and technically still is 2016. And so we are now launching our annual Album of the Year poll for 2016, which will be decided by you.

Album Of The Year 2016As such, you have the chance to pick your five – and only five – favourite albums from this year. (Don’t worry, we included EP’s and split releases just in case, but sorry, no singles). So think it over, decide what you consider worthy and vote below, but you can only vote once so choose very carefully. Voting closes on Friday, December 9th at 8pm.

Voting also puts you and a runner-up in the running to win a truly stacked prize pool, which includes a double pass to any Destroy All Lines show of your choosing (for the main winner, and for a tour that begins after the polls closure on December 9th), as well as some rad CD bundles from UNFD/Hopeless, Cooking Vinyl Australia, Epitaph Records, Resist Records, and Greyscale Records. Nice!

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Don’t agree with the list? Then have your say.


29 Responses to “Album Of The Year Poll 2016”

  1. EngineNo9 EngineNo9

    Usually each year I go through the list I choose 10-15 albums and then have to narrow it down to 5 but this year I had only 5 by the time I got to the bottom. Trophy Eyes ‘Chemical Miracle’ was my favorite album this year and then WACO by Soho and Columbus’ debut album was great too. Architects and Letlive round out my 5 as I didn’t feel ‘Gore’ was as good as Deftones last 2 albums. Mind you I still haven’t had a chance to listen to Dillinger’s or ETID’s new albums which I’ve only heard good things about.

  2. EngineNo9 EngineNo9

    How good is it! Everything they’ve done so far has been awesome but I really think they’ve kind of found their sound/identity on this album as cliche’ as that sounds. Can’t wait until Letlive rip into ‘Reluctantly Dead’ at Unify. I need to get into ETID and then will jump on that co-headline show

  3. auzziewizard auzziewizard

    Thanks for including the Safe Hands LP 🙂
    It + Bennies, Luca, PUP and frnkiero from me but a lot of my top albums weren’t included here haha Can’t believe you forgot Camp Cope and Ceres! Both artists had pretty big years!

  4. chris_m_55

    I hope Foxblood gets some deserved love. I’ve only found more to like the more I listen to it. Storm the Sky too – I’ve overplayed Sin so much I forgot it came out this year. But no one is beating Architects this year.

  5. BrokenHive

    Some suggestions:

    Angel Du$t – Rock The Fuck On Forever
    Broken – Worldwide
    Creative Adult – Fear Of Life
    Criminal Instinct – Zone 6 Music
    Culture Abuse – Peach
    Endless Heights – Pray I Fade
    Fury – Paramount
    Manhunt – Permanent Pain
    Mizery – Absolute Light
    Nothing – Tired Of Tomorrow
    Pinegrove – Cardinal
    Pity Sex – White Hot Moon
    Praise – Leave It All Behind
    Rebirth – Crucible
    True Love – Heaven’s Too Good For Us
    Unravel – Final Dawn

    Also, isn’t that new Menzingers record not out until February?

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